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Help! Early Wake Up Call

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I have one cat for now (getting second soon ) he is indoor/outdoor cat. fixed and vaccinated up to date. very healty. we play with him at night, he has full food bowl before we go to bed fresh water and even faucet left on fo rhim in bathroom (he likes the facet water)

There has been a behavior pattern change in him. his newest trick is getting up between 430 and 5 am and meowing at us to get up! it is impossible to ignore him and i have tried playing with him at night to break it and spraybottle works only by getting him away from our bed but to go down further in hallway to meow louder. if we dont get up he then jumps on us until one of us gets up. I dont knwo how to break the habit and it is getting frustrating. lately i have been letting him out but the weather is getting so cold i dotn want to get in the habit of doing that either. Is there any way to break him of the early wake up calls? I am hoping that maybe getting a scond cat will prevent him from wanting to go out and hang with the other neighbors cats but not sure if that will work or just make two cats getting us up instead of one.


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One method you could try is to keep your vacuum cleaner by your bed, and everytime your kitty tries to wake you up...momentarily turn it on. Cats are like kids in that, he has found a way to get your attention, and when you give him what he wants (hard not too do with such cute faces!) it only re-enforces the bad behaviour.

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I have a similar problem with one of my four cats. I come home from work at 5 am, so I feed them at that time. If I don't all four of them walk on me as I try to go to sleep. Anyways...Alonzo wonders through the house meowing looking for attention. Believe me he is not deprived of attention...but the other 3 cats go back to bed when I do leaving him alone. His meow sounds very lonely...lol.
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