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Any Suggestions?

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I have a couple of Questions. I have a new kitten,we've had her for 5weeks,she still don't know her name & she is still afraid,anything we can do? I took her to the vet for her 3rd set of shots,the vet asked me if Poly,cycstic kidney disease runs in her line,I don't know,is there a cheap way to find this out? She is about 4mos & shes a torte himalayan. Thanks so much!

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Where did you get kitty from? How old is your kitten? You haven't had her very long, so she is unsure if she can trust you, and that takes time to develop. One way you can help develop the trust is establish a routine with her. Feed her on a schedule, play with her for about 10 minutes every day at the same time, or around the same time. Don't chase after her because you want her to be a lap kitty, see to her creature comforts and just let her get used to you without demanding anything from her.
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As for the PKD - where did you get the kitten? If you bought her from a professional ethical breeder PKD shouldn't run in her lines (and the breeder should be able to verify that his breeding stock is PKD tested).
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Thanks for your reply! I'm looking for the number where I got her,so I can ask. She sleeps with us,but during the day if shes laying down shes ok when you go up to her,but if shes sitting in th middle of the floor,she runs if she sees you coming. She still don't seem to know her name. Thanks again

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Hi! How about trying this: Get down on the floor to play with her or pet her, so that you don't "loom" over her. You could also approach her on your hands and knees until she knows that she has nothing to fear. Does her name end in a vowel sound? Cats react much more readily to a name ending in "ee", "ie" or "y". A special treat when she does react to her name might "reinforce" her learning.
One thing that really seems to work with "shy" kitties is to slowly blink when you interact with them - to a cat, that means you aren't going to cause anybody any harm, are peace-loving, etc..
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Thank you so much for your replies! She sleeps on my shoulder & loves to be petted in the morning before I get out of bed,or if shes taking her afternoon nap,but notif shes awake,but i did notice shes getting better. Her name is Sierra,she has yet to recognize it's her name.

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Gary: These things can definetly take time, but as you said it sounds like she's making an improvement.
They can take as long as weeks, to months, till... well never. Some cats just have their own personalities of liking to be away from people and/or other animals most the time.
Any time she comes up to you, try to give her a treat, to reinforce the fact, that if she comes to be with you she'll get rewarded and find it to be fun!
Call her name sweetly when she comes into the room, or when you walk into a room and see her there. Talk to her using her name when she is spending time with you.
Most cats aren't as quick to catch onto their names as dogs are.
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