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This might be a stupid question...

With the icy weather here I need to start salting my walkway for the postman and to get to my car without slipping. At the moment I'm worried about my cats walking around in it and then cleaning their paws. Is this dangerous for cats? I don't know if they can overdose on salt from it....

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I don't know about it being dangerous, but the salt will definitely make sores on their feet. And licking it off their paws could definitely cause problems with their kidneys from sodium toxicity. If they do walk thru it, make sure you wash the salt off their feet before they get the chance to ingest it.
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Thanks for the reply.

Do you know if there's a safer option?
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WHat type of salt ... ???

i would vaccumm up the area where shoes are taken off ....

and wipe the little paws if you know they got some on... MANY MANY salt s are DANGEROUS

Petstore s sell safe stuff
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Ive used sand and/or kitty liteer to stop ice from being slick
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Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
Ive used sand and/or kitty liteer to stop ice from being slick
Sand is a much better idea - it's safe for the environment, animals outside, animals inside - and it doesn't ruin your lawn.

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