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Thank you all so much!

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When I first got Silas (he's my first cat ever), I was worried he would be like some other cats i've met. Either really mean, or very anti-social. But, I am really happy right now.

Ever since he was a kitten, there have always been people at the apartment. And always different people. I think this has made him a really relaxed cat. He will stretch out in the middle of floor and make himself as long as possible and just relax. People come over, walk over him, pet him, and he just lays there. He jumps on complete strangers' (to him) laps. He's just a great kitty! And with his long soft hair, you can't help but want to pet him! He follows me around everywhere. When I'm sick he sleeps with me all day, he watches tv with me, and even has to sit on the edge of the bathtub during my bath's and in between the two curtains during a shower.

I just want to thank you all so much for how helpful you've all been to me for the past couple months. I don't think Silas would be so well adjusted without all of you! Thanks!
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Molly, I'm so glad we could be of some help to you, but the credit really goes to you, Silas' Mommy. You've done a most excellent job of socializing him and getting him to trust not only you but everyone around you. You're a great kitty Mommy, as I'm sure he tells you in his own special way every single day.
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I think it's really neat when a cat has the type of behavior that Silas does!!! My cat, Snowball, has a similiar temperment.
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one cat will only lead to another! lol
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Tamme - I used to have that in my signature line! LOL! It is SOOOO true!

mollydoats - I'm so glad you've found this place helpful. I wouldn't have had the first clue as to what to do without help here. We've got three, and all were ferals. They still don't like strangers, but at least they love us!

I'm so glad you've got a happy cat!!!!
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I'm so glad to hear Silas is doing so well!!!
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Molly, Silas is such a cutie! I bet he's the envy of all your friends!

Nooo... don't say that Tamme! I've had Willie for less than a month, and already I'm thinking "He really needs a buddy for when I'm not home." Talk about trying to justify!!
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WillieWZ - "Meow.... bring me home a friend... meow!"
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