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I got a DS

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I got a pink DS for Hanukkah. I also got the Brain Age and Flash Focus. Do you think that my husband is trying to tell me something? He is older than me and not playing a DS.
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What's a DS?
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You will love it! I love my DS and play it all the time! Nintendogs is a great game too and so is tetris! Princess Peach was pretty fun, but really girly! And Yoshi's island was lots of fun... I think I play mine too much!
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It is the latest hand-held game system from Nintendo. It seems to require a great deal of hand and eye coordination. Our son and his friends love it. I am still getting used to Flash Focus. It is kinda fun though.
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Ahhh! That's cool! (I'm so behind on these things.) My nephew tried to teach me to play a motorcyle game on his PSP last year.... I got good a crashing and going straight!! I do better with the old nintendos!
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oOh at least your so hasn't made you play backyard wrestling on the xbox!

*eyes some furniture to smash*
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Make sure you get the Kitty game!

Its like nintendogs but with kitties!

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I LOVE my DS-it's pink too. I have Brain Age, and Nintendogs. Those dogs are just adorable! I also have a CSI game I haven't played yet. And...there are a few packages under the tree that seem to be just the right size...
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