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There Are Mice/Rats In My Wall!!!!!!!

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I was in bed last night and keep hearing this weird noise! Squeking, rustling around, grinding........ Then it hit me! MICE! IN THE WALL!!!!! Of course they aren't in the wall somewhere that I'm not around usually, they have their whole family right next to my head!!!! I don't really like the idea of having mice in the wall so I was wondering if anyone had a problem like this and how they delt with it.

I'm in a rental house and they owner doesn't keep it up what-so-ever. We wouldn't have rented it if it wasn't such a great price. There are about 6 windows that were broke when we moved in and the owner wont replace them until both pains are broke . Well anyway, now you know they aren't going to come in to help me with this problem nor will they care about any damage done.

Would the plug-in that gives off a high pitched sound work???
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You need to talk to your landlord..the only way to get rid of them is to get an exterminator for mice..they won't just leave with a noise I don't think. I don't think he would want mice in his walls anyway
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
You need to talk to your landlord..the only way to get rid of them is to get an exterminator for mice..they won't just leave with a noise I don't think. I don't think he would want mice in his walls anyway
I'm almost sure he wouldn't care. Sometimes we feel like we live in the ghetto When we first went up the stairs we noticed the banister up the stairs was so loose if you pushed on it would just fall right off the steps! We had to nail it on ourself!!!!! Aparently safety isn't an issue either.

Oh and the foundation is TERRIBLE!!!! I couldn't put my fish tank anywhere without propping it up in the front because the floors are so uneven and freaked up!!!!!
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My parents had mice in the walls one winter. I know they set traps in the house (out of pet reach) and got a mouse or 2 that way. Not sure if they did anything else. Those mice used to freak the cats out good. The first mouse they caught we found because Bunny was staring at a drawer in the kitchen intently. Opened it up, a mouse was in the trap! We had one here, but it was in my cupboards.
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We have mice in our ceiling. I can always hear them running around and my cats love it. We haven't done anything about it though because they don't really bother us.
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We had a big problem with them at the shelter where i work recently. No matter how clean we kept things/etc we still had them because all of the pet food attracts them/etc. You have got to get an exterminator out there to try and take care of it- they can do tons of dollars in damage to the structure of the building should they start chewing/etc....also they reproduce quite quickly so you could easily have a massive infestation before you know it. You also don't want all of that fecal matter around your home eithor.

If you are concerned about humane alternatives to some traps- you can talk to the exterminator/pest professional and see if they can trap them and you can release them somewhere else. Just don't do it anywhere near your home- they WILL come right back. It needs to be miles away just to be safe. It might be hard to try and trap/release them all...the can carry dieases/etc so you might have to let them just exterminate them just depending. Good luck- check your contract and try to make your landlord take care of this ASAP.
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Don't read H. P. Lovecraft's The Rats in the Walls right now.
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I have mice in my attic. They're great entertainment for the girls. They get up on the entertainment center and stare at the ceiling and chatter at them. When I'm feeling particularly energetic, I'll set traps in the attic. Usually it's too much work, because the pull down for the attic is in my garage, and I need to move my car out and put up a stepladder. Right now it's too cold to be mucking around out in the garage! I run an ionic air purifier in my bedroom at night, and the fan noise will drown out any little mice scratching noise, so it doesn't bother me when I'm trying to sleep. You might try that to mask the noise, if you can't get your landlord to do anything about the mouse problem.
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If the mice die in the walls it will be a bigger problem! If you have a lawyer, then contact them and see what can be done about the landlord picking up the bill for the exterminator.

And IMO if its that bad of a place, no matter HOW cheap the rent is, then I'd start looking for another place to live as soon as you can. Don't use the excuse of you can't afford it - IMO you can't NOT afford to do something very soon.
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You need to get the LL doing something. We lived in a place that the neighbors brought in Roaches. When we called the LL saying we had a couple, first he had his guy do some spraying. But when they saw the neighbor's apartment, he realized he needed the pros. We had 3 treatments in a month. And he still needed to do one more after we moved. Roaches were one of the reasons we moved. Since we moved back to town we saw that those same people live in that building...Won't be moving back there!

Anyway, the point of my story is usually even slum lords know they can't have roaches and rats and mice living in their buildings. If he doesn't do anything it can be a violation of your lease, and you should be able to move for sure if it is.

Here's a link to the Renter's Rights website.
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We had mice in the walls at the last house we owned. Honestly we never did anything about it. They never bothered anything. Occasionally we would hear them but that was about it. If one dies, it might get stinky for a couple weeks but it'll go away.
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It sounds like you have a "slumlord" there not a landlord.

Call him and tell him the problem. If he refuses to do anything, contact the health department. Mice pose a serious health risk, as do rats.

I would also suggest you contact your state rental agency, in charge of rental laws. Broken windows mean heat loss, and as a result higher costs to you for heating the home.

It doesn't matter what the price of your rent is, you have a right to a clean, safe and kept up place to live.
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