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More Tinkerbell stuff than I know what to do with, some Starbucks cards, and best of all $300 from my parents. Time to go shopping finally
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Colin bought be a pair of gloves for Christmas / he also got me an adorable little silver kitty ring holder that i had been eyeing at Bed Bath & that in some way makes up a wee bit for the random black gloves that are too large

My mom got me some warm fuzzy socks (oh i love them!), a Christmas set that had two candlestick holders, a gravy boat, and a napkin holder, some perfume, she gave us homemade goodies, and i'm sure there's something else i must be forgetting!

My sister and her family gave me one of the new Rachel Ray cookbooks i've been wanting! Ohhh i can't wait to try it out! I'm a huge Rachel Ray fan- her recipes are awesome! They also gave me one of the pictures of their family picture they recently had taken- awww i love it soo much! I have it on my fridge at the moment, but when i get a little money i plan to get a nice frame and put it out

My mom's customer (my mom cleans houses for a living and has had some of her customers since i was a little girl- so i've grown up around them and love them!) Ms. Kathy gave me a gorgeous litlte Christmas tablecloth that was handstitched- so i put it out in our living room for Christmas and it looks soo cute! She also gave me a cute little Santa Clause ornament and a serving dish with two polar bears on it I love it!

My cousin James was my Secret Santa (we have too large of a family to do gifts for everyone, so we draw names and pick out one for our extended family) gave me a $15 gift card to Spin Street (one of our many local music stores!) I'll put that one to good use soon
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A couple of blankets (one electric), tea, chocolate, gift card for hobby lobby, fuzzy socks, a dvd, some sleep sets - pants and tees,... and apparently a worse memory then usual - I can't remember what else I got.

In my own defense, I've slept since then and that always makes me forget things.

Oh, and a nosy Tomas who must sniff everything and complain because I have other animal smells on my shoes. He's currently "talking" to DH about a box he's claimed as his.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
My grandma sent me some stollen.

I hope it wasn't stolen .......

Grandma gave me a few little purses which each had a little gift in them. One had brown boho earrings, another had a crystal butterfly hair clip and another had $100. They were all in a little zip up jewellery case. She also gave me a beautiful sheer scarf/shoulder wrap which has maroon and emerald green velvet roses/leaves sewn onto it, i'm using it at the next house to decorate mums dressing table when she gives it to me

Tomorrow i'm going deal hunting with my xmas money!
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From Rob:
$50 Books-A-Million gift card, the Slanket ( but it is back ordered until January.

From Rob's parents:
3 cat calendars (my house will have one in every room at this rate!), a cat ornament from Petsmart charities, a wedding ornament for us for our tree next year, a cat ring holder, and some stocking stuffers.

From Rob's brother:
We got a $25 gift card to Applebees.\\

From the rest of his family in Maine:
$25 in a "money dispenser", $25 to Wal*Mart, $25 to Olive Garden

Not sure what I'm getting from my parents yet. I'm not seeing them until this coming weekend. I know my dad was going to get me a shot glass shelf thing, because I am collecting state shot glasses when I go on road trips for each state I've been to.

The kittens got some toy attachments to replace the ones they shredded, a laser pointer, crinkle ball, treats, their cat tree (in the beginning of the month), two catnip pads to lay on, and a fish bowl that can also double as a water or food bowl with fake fish that swim in the bottom.

Rob got a $100 gift card for Sears from me, and a $5 rewards card they gave me when I bought the gift card. And a card from me with Garfield on it that said "It's Christmas! I'll kiss you if you stand under the mistletoe." Then inside "Heck - I'll kiss you if you stand under swamp moss!"
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
I hope it wasn't stolen .......
That's the first thing I thought until I read on and discovered what it was!
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
From Rob:the Slanket ( but it is back ordered until January.
I want a Slanket!!!!!! Now hubby is teasing me about wanting one. I think I might just order one for the upcoming winter - mmm, lets hope it does international shipping!
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
I want a Slanket!!!!!! Now hubby is teasing me about wanting one. I think I might just order one for the upcoming winter - mmm, lets hope it does international shipping!
those look neat!!! i soo want one now!
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From my parents:
post its, pens, teacher send home-grams, Lenox cat ornament, "first Christmas" ornament, a Tinkerbell plate, sappy feel good books, hot chocolate, subscriptions South Beach Diet to and Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD.

From DH: How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Rent on DVD, Backstreet Boys new CD, Josh Groban Noel, and a big computer bag, (I may be taking that one back)

From Grandma: Christmas towels, workout clothes, and a JC Penney gift card

From my in-laws: lots of ornaments, WVU earrings, a gold and blue scarf, and a WVU end table.

Over all a great Christmas. But the best part was watching my MIL's face when she opened up her photo album from our wedding. She loved it!!

DH was happy with what he got, but didn't get Mario Galaxy for his Wii. He got a ton of stuff from me and my family. Everything from his parents was to both of us. MIL said she that was because she new I went all out for him I fell kind of bad though.
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Lets see...

New pots & pans
Electric Mixer
Black bathroom towels to match our bathroom & new ones to match my kitchen!
New microfiber face cloths, eye glasses cloth, car washing cloths
Columbia winter jacket

Mittens & scarf to match
Knife set, I've been missing my nice set that I had when we lost them in the flood! A good set makes a world of difference!
$40 gift card to Victorias Secret
Wine glass set
Picture frame/collage set
Cash from my grandparents & boss
Microfiber blanket for our bedroom
Ralph Laureen sweatshirt
Bath & Body Works lotions/soaps
Cute sign for our apartment, it says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" I love it!
Yankee Candle - Sugar Cookie! My all time favorite

I think that it
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I got some giftcards: $25 to JC Penny, $75 to Kohls, $25 to 99 Restaurant .. I think I got a couple more but I dont remember. Also, I got new cookie sheets, a new frying pan with cover, a nice jewlery chest, Taylor Swift CD. I was playing with my cousins Nintendo DS yesterday and now I REALLY want one. It was so much fun! I'm hoping if I drop enough hints, my boyfriend will buy one for me for my Christmas present, because i dont think he got me anything yet. And we're going to his house this weekend for our Christmas with his parents and family.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
I mainly got stuff that I needed. A new cordless drill and a set of bits
You needed a drill and bits? A real man only needs 2 things - duck tape and a hammer!

If something moves and it shouldn't, use the tape.
If something doesn't move and it should, use the hammer!
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I feel guilty for doing this. Just like a proud father. Click on the middle photo at the top and SEE what I got for Christmas!
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
I feel guilty for doing this. Just like a proud father. Click on the middle photo at the top and SEE what I got for Christmas!
Awww... how cute!

I got a new sound system, shoes, a new coat, and a video game for my Wii.

The best gift I got though was 8 hours of movie watching with DH. It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Charlie Brown Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Die Hard, and Gremlins. Nothing like a holiday movie marathon.

We then went out and saw Juno.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
I feel guilty for doing this. Just like a proud father. Click on the middle photo at the top and SEE what I got for Christmas!
She's very cute! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
I feel guilty for doing this. Just like a proud father. Click on the middle photo at the top and SEE what I got for Christmas!
There is no reason for feeling guilty for that! Congrats!
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Looks like everyone got nice gifts! Congrads to Persi & Allie on the new family member!

I got A LOT of Pampered Chef! I got a knife set, a baking stone, the Easy Accent Decorator, and the the larger Chillzanne bowl that they have. I also got a mini griddle, some Tupperware bowls, a slow cooker cookbook, a fryer (I think they're telling me I need to cook more...) pajamas, Bath and Body Works, lottery tickets for the big drawing on New Years in WI and scratchoffs (Scott won, I didn't), and money.

My Grandma made us cookies and gave the kitties their own special ceramic bowls with their names on them (they're so pretty don't know if I'll let them actually use them!
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With the money i got from my grandmother today i bought new jeans (only have one pair that's starting to fray on the inseams (i can't seem to find a pair that is non stretch and fits comfortably, so i get the stretch ones but they wear out quicker and get baggy)

I went to a shop called T2, one just opened near me, the closest after that is alot further out. I bought a bag of Red Chai and Honey green almond in loose leaves. A little japanese cup, a scoop and a mesh strainer with chain

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I got quite a bit my Big gift from my parents were the custom car mats for my 06 Tuscon
I got new winter boots, a few new movies, lots of new shirts and a pair of jogging pants. Some CROCS fur lined slippers, some new earings, An addition to my collection a wine bottle (with wine) shaped like a cat and several other things.
Some money from my grandmother to go get anything I want, right now is getting me gas for the week. I am so suprised and happy with all of my gifts
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I got so much stuff I don't even know where to start.

From my boyfriend-a spin spa brush, Futurama movie, pajama pants and a t-shirt to match and a new hair dryer

From my boyfriends parents- Mini fridge, pajama pants, candy, socks, board game

From my Aunt/Uncle- $20 for a restaurant and Monopoly electronic game

From my Grandma-$25

From my Grandma and Grandpa-$25 for Zellers and she got my boyfriend a sweater that didn't fit so he returned it and got Lego star wars for ps3

From my mom and sister- a new hair straightener (a good one that actually works on my hair), a new hair dryer (which I returned because I got 2 and bought stuff from La Senza), a duvet, hot chocolate maker, $25 for a restaurant, $50 for Wal Mart, lots of candy, pajamas, perfume, lots of body wash/shampoo/bubble bath, a new robe, a purse, $10 for Tim Hortons (and $10 for my boyfriend too)...I know there is more that my mom bought me I just can't think of what. She gave my boyfriend $50 and a video game

My boyfriends work gave him (which we can both use)-$25 for gas, $25 for a restaurant, 2 movie tickets that include popcorn and 2 drinks and $50

From everyone else- an Icewine and Brandy gift set from my boyfriends aunt and uncle, $200 from my boyfriends grandparents (for both of us), a yankee candle gift set from my boyfriends other grandparents.

I used my $50 for Wal Mart to get some movies. I bought both Garfield movies, Waitress, Gone in 60 seconds and Both Fantastic 4 movies. I used my $25 for Zellers to get some pants and we spent the $70 for the restaurants last night on dinner and had a really yummy dinner that we can't normally afford.
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I told them they were destroying my sweat pants so they all chipped in and bought me a new pair. Grey, to help hide their hair.......

(not a joke, the actual tag from the present. They bought their daddy a CD.)
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i've got the chance of being a mummy, to 2 bengal kitty's yay!
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in addition to my previous posting, i got a Barnes & Noble gift card from my parents [because i'm the only single child w/o a spouse to receive pressies from!] & a shirt from my cousin, & a smart automatically adjusting wrench in the gift exchange w/my mother's extended family [we do a Chinese gift exchange - this year i played w/the men 'cause i always like their present choices better!].
i've already spent the B&N card!
for myself, i've gotten 2 new littermaids & a bookcase. i have more stuff i'm planning to get, as well.
i also already bought kitty presents for next year's SS! they were on sale 1/2 price at Petsmart! [i got some for my kits, too - they don't care what color they are!]
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Colin just got back home a little while ago from visiting his family. They send a few gifts back with him for me That was really nice of them.

They gave me: A beautiful hand made pink scarf (i LOVE it!!!!!), $100, and a pretty green purse (please see the "i'm a clutz, can leather be repaired?" thread). Very nice and thoughtful of them all! I'm going wear my new scarf to work tomorrow- i love it!
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I got a green iPod Nano, a sexy little digital camera, a Starbucks gift card, a couple of DVDs and CDs that I wanted, sea salt and peppercorn grinders, a new winter coat (waterproof), and a snowman stuffy handmade for me by my daughter.
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Hammy and I didnt get each other anything for christmas, we never go anywhere without each other so its quite hard to surprise each other with anything plus we always what we want when we see it instead of waiting for holidays. The only thing we got for each other was another new aquarium, we got a 38 gallon that we set up for our african cichlids. But we did get alot of cool things from family members, we got two leather gaming chairs that have speakers built into them along with an Atari 2600 I didnt know they still made new ones. It looks like the original except it doesnt have cartridges, if has a built in card that has 40 games on it. Yes we do have other game systems but it is kinda cool doin it old school too!!!! We got some cool stuff for our apartment for the kitchen, storage containers and a pan set, we both got new clothes, lots of gift cards, which we used to buy all kinds of stuff for our fish and for squishy, and lots of puzzles. which is what we did to bring in the new year. Yes he is 22 and i am 35 i know we should be doing funner things to bring in the new year but we were together with our critters at home safe. Which is much more enjoyable and rememberable!
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I received many lovely gifts, will list some...but first, my best gift was seeing how happy my husband was with the camera I bought him. He's been working so hard, very long hours, jobs on the side, helping me with shipping all my orders since I can not drive right now...he has been like a child..I hope to post some of his shots soon (have to corral him to size them and email them to me) -he has one extreme closeup of Frankie's nose that is exquisite (the detail/color of her fur, the little spots on her nose - confirming her tortie-diva status).

From a dear friend Jenni, my favorites of what she sent is a peweter and crystal dragon fly design perfume bottle with raspberry and pink enamel accents, and various soaps (goats milk/tangerine by Zumbar, a cucumber-melon soap with small square green ceramic soap dish to hold it)

My in-laws - my favorite is a small string of pearls (will have to get extenders for this, but love it)

From my husband - my favorites are a professional 6 qt Kitchen-Aid mixer (to replace the older one we have), an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (yes!!), collector's edition of Serenity, some new anime, a humingbird feeder (I actually saw one near our lavender plants on the back deck this past Summer and want to see more!), and the next two books in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series (he's also the author of the Dresden Files).
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