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I was spoiled! Every year we each make a "wish list" and swap them around between family members. This year all I really wanted was a small donation to the "Emma's Education Fund". I've had those - but my darling man has given me a home-made gift card for free diving in Mexico in January! My dad bought me a sterling silver cat lapel badge and a 2008 calendar. I've had lots of home-made necklaces from my two nieces - one of them even has someone else's name on it bless! Hrmn.... books and little silver cat fridge magnets and some home-made earrings. I love the home-made stuff most, so this year it was just perfect.
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My boyfriends parents bought us a mini fridge. We live with them and its hard to share the fridge in the kitchen (especially because his dad eats everything). We didn't even ask for one, but his mom bought one and I love it.

I also got a new blow dryer, a spinning spa brush, pajamas, board game, socks, the Futurama movie and a bunch of candy and stuff in my stocking. Still have to go to my moms house and then my family Christmas later on today.
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Oh, man. We had our real Christmas last night... Jess gave me a gorgeous cashmere sweater (that I already managed to get a spot of chocolate on, but luckily, that came out with some cold water); I got some $$ from grandma, and my parents spoiled me rotten... they gave Jess and I some new towels, socks, undies, pajama pants, shower gel, fancy shampoo... and my mom gave me two tubes of the makeup I use since it's expensive (I have super sensitive skin and everything irritates it). Also, slippers and silly little trinkets from Dad (as is tradition), homemade cookies and a gorgeous picture frame (with pictures in it!) from friends... yeah. I was spoiled rotten.
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I have had 3 christmas's already I had one Sat. evening with my brother, his wife, my mom, the kids, DH, and my sister and her DH and 2 boys. I got to remember now what I got lol...

Then Sunday we had christmas at my gmas, and I got a few pictures(of my cousin and his wife and 2 kids) and a set of tv trays! Yesterday we did christmas at DH moms....I got some bath and body lotion and shower gel, some shirts, a pair of pajama pants, some crop pants from Old Navy with a jacket, a set of rooster glasses, a beautiful necklace, and salt-n-pepper shakers(w/roosters on 'em)

Now for the other gifts(from my family) I got from my mom, a flannel sheet set(very warm!), a cd from my SIL, as well as a gift card to Maurices, from my sister I got a gift certificate to a local hair salon, as well as a cute "Welcome freinds" sign, and some more lotion from B&B.

I think I did pretty well....
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From my kiddos I got lots of socks, candles, cd's, bath stuff, vase with glass beads. From my parents I got a necklace, I 4 (its a green bay packers shirt with brett favre) and from my super sweet husband I got wiper blades, a 20x30 canvas picture of us on our wedding day (we were marred 7-7-7) and 1/3 ct princess cut certified diamond earings in white gold and a build a bear that held the box. It has been a great christmas!!
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We opened gifts with my mom not too long ago. I got sketchers shoes, dangling earrings, (sweater was cancelled), money, gift card to Best Buy, winter coat, billions of softlips, usb gloves for when I am at the pc, 2 cd's and the 3 Borne Supremecy movies. DH got a sunbeam mixer, shoes, 3 pairs of pj bottoms, ornament with our names and a personalized holiday mug.
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We didn't have a big Christmas this year because money is tight, but we each had 2 gifts to open last night. My BIG one was something I wanted but knew we couldn't afford. A new leather jacket. My old one is 10 years old, full of cat scratches and a size too small now, but I still wear it. Well, the first present I opened was a leather jacket!! . The first thing I said was "are you insane????" He left the pricetag on it on purpose, and it was $200! (I spent maybe $50 on DH). He laughed at my little tirade, then informed me he got it on sale 85% off on black Friday. Well, then I was perfectly happy and so proud of my frugal husband! I also go much needed jeans. My SS at work got me a Waldensbook gift card and, my cousin-in-law got me a oil candle. I LOVE candles, but always get worried with the cats...you know the feeling.

Oh, and MIL got Snuggles (our VERY BIG puppy) a new cage so she is in heaven. The rest will be exchanged tonight.
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I got a nice bath set from my brother's girlfriend, some bath salt and shower gel from my aunt and my cousin, some vanilla bean noel lotion I have been asking for from bath and body works, celine dion perfume set from my brother which I LOVE, some mutts themed pajamas that i asked for and cute pajama pants and some NICE jeans from my parents, hairspray the movie, a nice computer chair from my brother, a hastings gift card, a wendy's gift card, and a walmart gift card from my friend Sue. I am getting a coat tomorrow that I have wanted for a long time from my parents at walmart.

the pups got some scooby snacks and some jerky treats, no toys though since they don't play with them anymore, the cats got a them doofus doggies fat cat toy, a crazy wheel thing, and a mouse that moves and some carribean catch pounce treats, and some whisker lickens.

I got my mom well me and my brother and my dad got it but me and my brother picked it out a locket that says mom on it and we are going to pixelate a picture of me and my brother when we were younger and a picture of my grandma who passed away in 2003 from cancer. I also got her one of those foot massagers that you soak your feet in and socks.

I got my dad some colonge, a cute the dog notebook with a border collie on it, and a clock and a thing of popcorn with collectable coca-cola toys he loves those.

I got my brother a guitar chord book he wanted for his guitar, a salami gift set, a laser pointer, and a subway gift card. i got my brothers girlfriend a bath and body works warm vanilla sugar gift set, some lindt chocolate truffles, a subway gift card with the target dog gift holder, and employee of the month movie (it's a huge inside joke, so you wouldn't get it. )
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I got a nice sweater from John's mom this morning. And they gave me a nice quiet house for a few hours! Everyone went to visit John's grandma at the nursing home and I stayed here so I could get some things done. I'm sooooo enjoying the quiet!
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My little sister gave me a framed drawing of Rex and Peanut that she created. Peanut was a lop rabbit, my heart bunny, and she died this past September. Rex is her bunny buddy who misses her dearly. The drawing is absolutely beautiful, she nearly made me cry.

My little brother gave me The Onion's Our Dumb World: Atlas of the Planet Earth. It's 100% hilariously, awesomely awesome. Totally.

From Mom and Dad...

- socks! (no, really, they're the nice ones. Smart Wool with really funky patterns.)
- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
- a box to hold sewing supplies, a pair of professional quality scissors, and a gift card to Joann's Fabrics
- a Moonbeam Alarm Clock
- a receipt for a pre-ordered copy of the complete Orthodox Study Bible
- an Aroma Joe's gift card
- Burt's Bees 'Hand Repair Kit' (it smells soooo good!)

plus cool things in my stocking like incense, car air freshener, 'Finding Nemo' on DVD, and pencils (okay, so there's this one type of mechanical pencil that I really love)

It was a pretty great Christmas
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I got the cat site subscription 1 karat past present and future necklace that DH forgot to pick up...men so he told me he got it for me instead and that we could get it later which is ok with me
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I got a cute cat charm bracelet, a powder blue sweatshirt with a white cartoon cat on it. I also got season one and two of House on DVD. A shiatsu massage pillow. Some chocolates, a memory card for my camera. Oh yeah and DH and I got tickets to the Bob and Tom allstars comedy tour. They are going to be in town in March.
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Today is my third christmas we've laid out the table and done most of the cooking and i've been told santa is bringing me another present
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i've had chocolate's, gift sets, socks, a new microwave hehe, a set of drinking glasses, pj's, a ring and necklace off my partner, and a cuddly toy!
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I got money, gift cards for Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohls, WalMart, Blockbuster, Dunkin Donuts and for Italy's Italian restaurant, a red coffeemaker and red toaster to go with my kitchen, a new black jacket, hat & gloves set, Buttercream Yankee candle, chocolates, cookies and clementine oranges that I love so much! I've already ate almost the entire box!

It was a very nice Christmas.
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I did! I got seven books with one on the way, some slippers with puppy faces on them, a turtle necklace, a Bubble Boy with Peppermint scented bubbles to put in it, a jacket with cats on it, some body lotion, a Gary Patterson's CATS 16-Month 2008 Mini-Calendar, some very handsome brown SKETCHERS Tennis Shoes, a table runner, a plaque with the saying CATS ARE LIKE POTATO CHIPS, YOU CAN'T HAVE JUST ONE, a pencil with a cat's head on the end, two magnets with cats on it, and a pack of pocketbook sized Kleenex with cats on them. What did you all get?
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My Mom gave me a plaque that says "FORGET THE DOG - BEWARE OF THE CAT!"
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I got a nice sweater from John's mom... that's the only present I got this year.
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Threads merged. I'm being a bit of a neat freak tonight.
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I mainly got stuff that I needed. A new cordless drill and a set of bits, sheets, teapot, gloves, wool cap, hooded sweatshirt, radio, gift card to best buy and a dvd.
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We didn't really do presents this year in our house.

But I got a gold diamond ring with rubies and little diamonds on the side from my grandma. She had promised me that ring when I was younger...but said I had to wait til I was old enough to get it. I guess at 22 I am finally old enough lol. Thats the best gift I have ever gotten.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
I mainly got stuff that I needed. A new cordless drill and a set of bits, sheets, teapot, gloves, wool cap, hooded sweatshirt, radio, gift card to best buy and a dvd.
Cordless drills are great! Even I like them.
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I got 4 gift cards (Starbucks, Cato, Fudruckers, and JcPenny), a fleece blanket, cookbook, book, coasters, and a hummingbird pendant necklace with my mom's engagement diamond in it.
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I got a jogging suit and a nintendo DS from my parents and a sweater from my boss at work and a christian music CD.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Cordless drills are great! Even I like them.

Cordless drills rock! Mom said today that I'm the easiest out of the three "kids" to buy for. I'm rather practical when it comes to mom asking me what I want for Christmas. It's always everyday items that I can use around the apartment like bath towels, sheets, etc.

On the other hand I'm still waiting for someone to give me the one ring to rule them all! Bwahahahahaha!
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Now that I'm home from the Christmas festivities and I've gotten all my gifts.....

First off, my parents bought me a computer that they gave me back in August for school and then I also got from them a sweatshirt with a kitty saying on it and 2 nice sweaters, some socks, a Lane Bryant gift card, a gift card to the grocery store, a starbucks gift card (notice a theme here?? It gets better!) a new comforter set, some lotions and sprays, and a couple bowls. From my sister I got a Target card and a grocery store card, from my Aunt and Uncle I got a Bath and Body works card, a Pet Supplies Plus card, a Kohl's card, a JcPenny card and one of those cat-a-day desk calenders and a couple shower gels. I got another Starbucks card from my cousin too. Someone's going shopping tomorrow!!!!!
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I got 2 cookbooks.. lotions and $25. I haven't gotten my presents from my other relatives yet. I will get those Saturday at our big family gathering in Winston-Salem, NC.
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Ok my turn.. hmm mmm hmmm

I got....

A pair of diamond earrings

A portable DVD player w/case 2 headsets, car jack, battery pack

Pirates of the Carribean AT World's End DVD

An electric wax/scent warmer and some of the bars of wax that it uses (Sandalwood Cranberry)

I think that's it. But I'm happy!

One more thing! My new son in law made me a little cart on wheels to put my compact apartment size clothes washer on. So now I don't have to pick it up and carry it to the sink everytime I want to use it! It's awesome!
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My grandma sent me some stollen. (It's German Christmas bread, kind of like fruitcake but in a yeast bread. Very good. You've probably seen it sold at Aldi's, if you live in the US.) She also sent me a couple of shirts, which is good because I needed some more professional stuff to wear.

And the lady who runs the cat shelter I volunteer at gave me a $25 Kroger's gift card. I am totally going to raid the Diet Mountain Dew display.
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I got:

A GPS TomTom
Video DVD Recorder
$100 from the SO's family
A Weed Wacker

and lots and lots of other really awesome stuff!!!!
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