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What presents did you get?

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Well we have a SS gift thread, and a 'what did you buy' thread, but now tell me, what presents have you been given from everyone else?! I know it's early, but alot of use have multiple lunches/dinners before Christmas day.

I just got back from Tristans, he gave me a huuge Himalayan salt rock lamp (absolutely gorgeous!), his mum bought me a beautiful incense set and a tibetan pendant with peridot/topaz on it.

More updates to come on xmas day and boxing day

Have you received anything yet?
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Just a few cards in the mail today! I haven't really gotten a real Christmas present since I was little anyway. John and I get each other stuff all year anyway, and we've got plenty of animals to spend money on instead of each other!
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I received some gifts from a friend here. Christmas towels, mini photo albums, Grease DVD, two kitty calendars and bell balls for the kitties.

Oh yea FIL gave me a gift card to Macy's and a cute Key West Kitty ornament. DH & I got a very generous check which is going to pay off our christmas shopping for others.
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My good friend gave me a bag for my ice skates, some blade gaurds..a giant bag of M&Ms and she made all this food for me and froze it in individual containers She made soups, chilis, perogies..I can't wait!! The best gift for me is always food
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Ooh ooh if no one knows what a rock salt lamp is, it is these things! http://www.hypnoticsolutions.org/ima...rock_lamps.jpg

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So far i've only recieved a few things from my coworkers/ our shelter volunteers I've been given :chocolate /white chocolate covered pretzles and party mix one of my coworkers made, a deliscious hand lotion from another coworker, some vanilla cream wafer sticks from another, a little box of life savers and a tube of ressses (they know me well - i LOVE life savers!!), a bookmark from one of my volunteers, a Christmas card from another one, and a gift certificate from my boss to Honeybaked Ham (i'm going to use it to get some cheese trays/sides for my Christmas party!)

Oh yea and our great big present is our new SUV (Ford Escape!) Colin just bought it a few weeks ago for both of us I LOVE it!
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lol The only gifts I know of are the ones my parents got me early. They helped me buy a digital piano and I know I'm getting a new Olympus 8 MP digital camera on Christmas day!
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Our parents are very good to us. The PTA parents backed a pie for every staff member. Many of the children brought in a couple of cookies, or a few pieces of candy, homemade bread, gift cards, ornaments, pens & pencils, candles. The thoughtfulness is amazing and is makes us feel so appreciated. (Almost as good as flower day)

We found our calicos after tracking them down form shelter to shelter and county to county. So my daughter and I each have a beautiful kitten. And a story to tell about how hard we worked to find them. They are so much fun. So far, they have met Zoey (she is NOT impressed) and our largest dog. No chasing, a bit of hissing from Zoey and the kittens are running around having a great time. There are still two dogs to introduce over the next two weeks (big dogs, so we are taking it slowly, but they are very laid back dogs). This is my big present for the year.

I hope the gifts we've chosen give pleasure to others.
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I haven't gotten any presents yet. I like to leave them all for Christmas day.
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We have Secret Santa at work, and my SS got me - socks, earrings, an ornament, a stuffed puppy, hersheys kisses, Giaradelli mint chocolate, lotion, body wash, hat & mittens, candles...and probably more, LOL.
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Since we had some family over last night - we passed out part of the presents. The rest will be given on Christmas day when we go to one of our son's house (they wanted to save our presents till then).

So DH got me leopard slippers, box of Cello cherries (which is MUST gift!), dolphin to add to my collection and a TobyMac cd.
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The only presents I've gotten are the ones for the kitties. Since we are going to be gone Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day, I will be opening them today. That way the kitties can at least play with their new toys while we're gone.

The only other things we've gotten are Christmas Cards. I love Christmas cards.
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We had our Xmas on the 16th, with my In-laws. As always, MIL was very generous. I asked for, and got: a 16 qt pressure-canner/cooker! I took up home canning this Summer, and was limited by what I could can, using the hot water bath method--now, I can do anything! (I'm like a kid with a new toy: the next day, I canned 5 qts, of hamburger mixture, and 4 of baby carrots.)

I also got some canning jars; TONS of white votive and pillar candles (I asked for these, as I use a lot of them); a pretty platinum ring (was a surprise); a hand-carved wooden puzzle box (from Aruba or Mexico), that resembles a cat's face; a little hand-made wooden cat puzzle, ditto; packs of pretty paper napkins, both Xmas and floral (I love these!); 4 cases of Wegman's fire logs, and 6 of fire starters (I use these almost daily in the Winter); a bottle of pure Mexican vanilla (MIL went to Mexico awhile back); a $70 WalMart gift card (hitting those 12/26 sales!!!); a "flameless candle", which sounds like the dumbest thing in the world, but I found last it makes a great nightlight in the hallway).

But the best gift they gave me: coming to visit, and making our "Christmas" so much fun. I just love it when they visit us.
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I didn't do SS but this is what I got from my co workers - my boss got me a not left behind hard cover best friends animal sanctuary for new orleans, some candy, and some other goodies and 2 hot cocoa mugs with snowmen on them and a fleece blanket and she got my co-worker the same thing there is just 3 of us and my other co-worker made me and my boss homemade caramels and homemade peanut brittle. I also got a sticker from my mom with pit bulls on it and it says life is the pits it's so cute. and from my best friend I got a sweater with a cat on it and it says there isn't a friend quite like a cat.
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I got a Christmas bracelet, some flavored Chapstick, cookie dough mix, a potholder and a cookie cutter.
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Well, so far I've just gotten gifts from work. I got from my boss a 9" knife like Rachel Ray uses, a gift basket with candles, lip gloss, Christmas fingertip towel, calendar and a $25 gift card to Applebee's. My Best Friend got me two Christmas ornaments (they're our tradition), a penguin candle holder and a Starbucks hot cocoa gift set; My team leader got me a beautiful teal/brown journal.

So far, so good. Me and the SO open an early gift tonight, so wish me luck on that!!
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DH and I always exchange CD's and we always start opening presents a few days before Christmas. He just interupted me to open a present so that we could listen to it today. I just opened up a 4 CD box set of Reggae songs, various artists and it's playing now.

I gave him his present early - a digital SLR camera. He is reading through the 77 page instruction book and telling me all the cool things he can do with the camera as he goes through it. Unfortunately that's the only thing he is opening this year, so he reads a few pages in response to me opening a present.
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I've gotten a few cards, and as I mentioned in my other thread, Jess and I have given each other some of our presents already... she got me a giant book of NY Times Crosswords and a bookmark, and she got me delicious perfume (Chanel's Mademoiselle). I have one more gift from her to open We always have our real Christmas on Christmas Eve - we're getting together with our friends during the day, and then my family in the evening.
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we had our 'family' Christmas [my family of origin] yesterday. but the adults did a 'no-present' Christmas this year. my SIL wants us to do this from now on, but not me! my sister did give me a small gift - a cross on a beaded chain that she had made. but that's it for now. i am getting a SIZABLE check next week from a property sale, so that's probably going to be my best present. i'm going to pay off my credit debt, then probably get 2 new litterboxes, a coat, & maybe some furniture & a laptop. those last two aren't as important, since they're wants, not needs... i'm also planning to hire a housekeeping service.
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Haven't gotten it yet, but my parents bought me a cell phone and added a line on their family plan for me
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I just got back from my mom and sister's and I got some homemade cookies (yum!) and a Yankee Candle. My SS at work got me a bracelet and earring set, a photo frame/lamp, a basket, and lots of chocolate. My best friend stationed in Iraq sent me a beautiful mug and some gourmet hot cocoa. Chris and I have exchanged gifts yet, but we won't until New Year's so I have no idea what he got me!

*ETA* I almost forgot-- I am buying myself a HTC Mogul smartphone! It's an awesome toy
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I have gotten several things from different people at work. I got a nice box of white chocolate truffle chocolates that are fantastic. I got a cat mug, a very nice hand-made scarf. My boss added a $50 gift cetificate to pet smart with my christmas bonus which I thought was great.
I have pictures of my cats on my desk and he is forever telling everyone, those are Susan's Kids.
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Yayayayaya!!!! Finally got to unwrap the presents i've been waiting weeks for!!!! T for Toes talc, Waving not drowning/Golden slumber ballistics, You've been Mangoed bath butter melt and Dreamwash shower smoothie!!!

I'm having the BEST shower today!!

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I'm afraid I'll forget something/somebody! I got a terrific gift basket from my boss and his wife. It's a wicker cat basket with a fuzzy pillow, piled high with all sorts of delicacies, wines, a cat calendar, candles, teas, etc.. Two TCS members sent packages of their own accord: fwan sent some souvenirs from Australia (love the kangaroo and koala pencil), and Rosiemac sent some special treats. Hubby and I exchanged gifts this evening, and he got me the perfect pair of gold hoop earrings - small, fat, and French posts instead of wires. Exactly what I would have chosen myself. One of my classes gave me a Bill Bryson book, in English, signed by the entire class, which I'll read and treasure. Hubby really liked his presents - solar "rock" lamps for his garden, and the 2007 Eric Clapton "Crossroads" concert on 2 DVDs. We had basically agreed not to buy each other presents this year, but to buy new oversized down comforters and matching sheets instead (heavenly!), but the little extras weren't unwelcome.
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I know some people must have opened christmas gifts already? So i gotta be nosey, what did ya get???

I got two pair of pajamas from my sister and a general lee model car, a nice photo jewelry box from my nephew and my christmas bears(i collect the snowflake bears from wal-mart with the year on the feet) from the family.
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I got a candle set with some yankee candles. That is all so far. In the morning, we will open presents here and then go to my moms and opens presents and then to my family Christmas to open presents.
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Christmas is almost over here.

I got a popcorn popper that I wanted. I LOVE popcorn! Desperate Housewives DVDs, laundry basket and hamper, an old fashioned orange juicer, nesting tables, and some little bits and bobs. My grandparents gave me some anti-nausea bracelets and I am not sure why - I haven't reported any nausea.
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Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
Christmas is almost over here.

I got a popcorn popper that I wanted. I LOVE popcorn! Desperate Housewives DVDs, laundry basket and hamper, an old fashioned orange juicer, nesting tables, and some little bits and bobs. My grandparents gave me some anti-nausea bracelets and I am not sure why - I haven't reported any nausea.
Maybe they're going to give you a cruise! LOL
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My sister made me a scrapbook of my wedding showers and dress shopping. It is so pretty I nearly cried!! The book and everything in it is our wedding colors, Red and Ivory. It's so pretty!! I only know that because she didn't wrap it. Everything else, I'm going to have to wait until the morning.
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Well.. I got my engagement ring!! I will post photos later!! its white gold with a tiny diamon in it and its perfect just the one that i had been looking at for the last few weeks.

I also got a Cat candle made out of bees wax, face cream also made out of honey, two metal posters one representing Teufel and the other Kaylee! He also got me a watch. he says he is going to give me more presents in January because work hadnt payed him on time!

Happy Christmas everyone!
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