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Might be adopting another kitty

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When you already have 13, what's one more, right? The deal is, John has a co-worker who adopted a kitten for his kids a couple months ago. But he lives next to a very busy highway and doesn't really like the cat anyway so the cat lives outdoors. It's starting to get really cold and I've been really concerned about her. I've been having John ask about her frequently to make sure she's ok. John told me that the guy has told him more than once, "take the cat if you want it". John said last time he stopped at the guys house he almost took the kitten with him but wasn't sure if I'd like the idea.

Well, we've been talking about it a lot more, and after watching the weather forecast for tomorrow (starting in the 40s and dropping to 20 degrees by 5 PM), I asked John this afternoon if we can see about getting her. He called the guy, to let him know but got only his voicemail. I'm so excited, and it's so frustrating to have to wait until he calls back!

All I really know about her is that she's around 5 months old and is a gorgeous orange classic tabby with beautiful swirly markings. And she is sooooooo affectionate, at least she was last time I saw her. She cries for attention and purrs like crazy when you pet her.

Please send vibes that we're able to get her and that she stays safe until we can get her! Hopefully he'll call soon and we can go get her early tomorrow afternoon.
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What a lovely Christmas present - for you and for her!

Sending out vibes for kitty to stay safe until you can pick her up!

Poor baby needs love, warmth, and attention.

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what's one more? I've said that many many times

I hope you can get her soon!!
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How sweet and crazy of you. LOL I thought 7 was a lot.
Can't wait to see pictures of the little girl.
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