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Pees beside litter box

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I have a peeing problem with my cat Satchmo (male, 9 yrs). We have 4 litterboxes for 2 cats, and Paco (male, 7 yrs) uses all of them. Satchmo uses only one box, but sometimes (each 2 days or so) he pees not IN but BESIDE of the box. I think, he hates it, when Paco has used his toilet, but what can I do? I´m not all the day at home to watch the cats going to the toilet and clean the litterboxes every time! (I clean them 2 times a day). Have you any ideas?
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How long has he been doing this? Cats sometimes associate the litter box with pain - if they have a urinary tract infection or crystals in their urine, for instance. It might be a wise idea to take him to the vet for a check-up; make sure the vet knows he's been peeing outside the box so he'll take a urine sample.

Next, if next to the box is carpet, it must be completely cleaned with an enzyme cleaner. Nature's Miracle is an example of one that is available at most supermarkets or pet stores in the US. I don't know what brands would be available there - but ask at a pet store. The entire area must be soaked completely - down to the floor boards. Cover it with aluminum foil and let it dry naturally (don't use a hair dryer or anything to speed it up). If you've done it right, it should take a couple of days to dry (depending upon humidity in the house).

Other than that? Maybe consider investing in a self-cleaning litter box. They're pretty expensive. Many people have used littermates with good success - others have had problems with them. I don't know what would be available to you in Vienna.

If you decide to go with an automatic box, place it next to the one box that Satchmo uses. Leave it there for a couple of weeks - then remove the non-automatic box, and move the automatic box to where the non-automatic box was. This helps most kitties use the new box with success.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your tipps.

Satchmo does this "wrong peeing" since summer, we were at the vet several times since that. He is completly healthy (but has an allergie against dust milbs).
This litterbox is in our toilett, so there ist no carpet but flagstones - fortunately easy to clean! I ve now ordered an enzyme cleaner, maybe it will help.
An automatic litter box is too large for this place....
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