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Here's Ashton!

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Ashton arrived today.....with my daughter! He's a real cutie and the boys don't hate him toooooo much! Just a little hissing - no one has hit anyone yet! LOL

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Awww he's so precious...I LOVE that last pic
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Aaaack!! He is soooooooo adorable!!!
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Oh my! He's so small and fuzzy!
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Awwwww, he is adorable!!!
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He is adorable!!!
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What a fluffy cutie.
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Wow, his points are so dark already! I might've missed it...what breed is he?
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No cuteness warning? He is downright adorable. Love all the photos but that last two are fantastic
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Awww Ashton is a cute little fluff ball!
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Oh my goodness what an absolute precious baby!! I love that last pic, too. Congratulations for your new Grandcat
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oh, my god! what a sweetie!!
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Heès such a sweet little boy! I was worried about my two cats with him, but so far, so good! Löki, whom I was most worried about, is actually fascinated by him, and is better with him than sweet loving Jacob! Ashton is sleeping on the computer desk right now - hes just like a little stuffed toy!
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Okay put the kitten with the cute black nose into this bag right here, back away sloooowwllyy and no one will get hurt ...
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