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Some pics of Bumper, who thinks the boxes I brought home from the grocery store are great beds

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Aaaaw! What a sweetie!!!
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Oh wow look at that 2nd pic with the shadow, I love that!!
Bumps is such a handsome sweetie pie
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Cool pics Eithne...Kisses to Bumps
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Boxes are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Bumper already got his Christmas present!

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He's beautiful! He's got great bone structure in his face. I agree about the second picture. The combinaton of light and shadow is perfect and really sets off his colouring.
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He is so handsome!
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Aww what a handsome boy. And he loves his new boxes!
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Awww Bump Bump.... he so sweet!
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He probably likes the box more than he will like his Christmas present
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These pictures are really nice! And your subject is very very handsome too
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