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I am on pins and needles!

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First.... A little background.

In August, my mortgage company started foreclosure proceedings as did the homeowner's association. I would NEVER have afforded the amount they wanted, so we decided to either sell or let it foreclose. (The house did foreclose in November when it dropped out of escrow because of a lien on the house... LONG story)

We moved to our apartment on Sept 1st. We did have a waterbed which was too big to take, and besides, the mattress was almost 20 yrs old and leaked. We did buy a couple of airbeds but they lasted at the most a week or two before they started to leak and patching did no good. We had looked at beds and put a deposit down pending either lay-away or if I could get a small loan. Of course they denied me the loan. LOL

WELL, we have been trying to save to get them, but finances are tight. I figured we needed about $200 more. Then last night, we got a Christmas card from Mike's parents with 2 brand new crisp 100 dollar bills inside!!!!!

Today, we went down and paid the balance!! And since the store is near where I now live, they are supposed to deliver them TODAY!!!!!!

I went to K-Mart and got 2 sets of sheets (we are getting twin beds, my hubby is big and needs a whole bed to himself) for a great price and now I am just waiting for the beds to arrive! No more futon for me!!!!

edited: I forgot to add that my hubby has been sleeping on the floor of the bedroom and I have been sleeping on the futon in the livingroom. It will be nice to sleep in the same room again
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I have a waterbed, and while I absolutely love it I'm kind of growing tired of the maintenance involved, and I dread making the bed after washing the sheets. It's so hard on my back. Plus I would love to rearrange my bedroom.

Currently the head of my bed is against the common wall with the apartment next door. I didn't think about that when I first moved here, and I've had to listen to the sound of bar-bells, and the guy's TV next door for 11 years now! I would so love to move my bed to the other wall which is common to my living room.

Also, my mattress is starting to have problems. It's 11 years old and the seams on one corner keep splitting. I just recently patched it and added more water to the bed, so it's fine for the time being.

I've been seriously considering getting rid of my waterbed and getting a conventional box spring and mattress, but due to finances I haven't been able to afford it. Now with the bankruptcy filed, and the prospect of no debts later next year, a new bed will be a possibility.

Also, I've never had a bedroom suite with dresser, end table etc. I don't have a dresser. Well, I do, but it's one that I found in an apartment I used to live in many years ago and it's literally falling apart. The bottoms of the draws fall out, and the drawer sliders have long been broken so the drawers sit on top of one another in the frame and I use it for junk and to store my hair dryer and hot rollers etc. My clothing are in the drawers under my waterbed, and smell musty, and also in those plastic storage drawers on wheels.
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LOL I don't have a dresser either. I have storage bins which will do for awhile. I started having back problems linked to the waterbed. And when my hubby rolled over, he would about toss me out of bed and the mattess was supposed to be 80% waveless.... Yeah right! LOL
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Our daughter has a whole coordinated bedroom set. She prefers to store her clothes on the floor.
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Wooooo Hooooo!!!!! My Beds Were Just Delivered!!

no More Sleeping On A Lumpy Futon For Me And No More Sleeping On The Floor For The Hubby!


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OMG, you must be SO EXCITED!!!
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Thats good I hope you got a good nights rest on them.
Merry Christmas to you guys!
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Just in time for Christmas! Sleep good tonight...
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I slept soooo good last night! For the first time in months!

I love my new bed!
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