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Lots of Itty Bitty, Imsadi, Binky and Aura pics :)

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Here are my 4 sweet boys again

Itty Bitty:




Itty Bitty is friends with Binky and Imsadi

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Imsadi likes to play with Itty Bittys long tail


Itty Bitty:

It's cold outside
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Mommy it's belly scratch time

What is this

Itty Bitty shaking his head


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Together with his friend

His other friend


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You have such gorgeous cats. It looks like Itty Bitty is fitting in just fine with all of your babies.
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I am officially a fan of your crew! I love Aura's eyes! Glad to see that Itty Bitty and Imsadi are finally getting along really well.
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Sigh...I'm in love with Aura.

I mean Binky.

I mean Imsadi.

I mean Itty.

Oh heck. I love them all. I love the Binky/Itty pic - too funny seeing their size difference!

What do you feed? They are SO shiny!
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They are all such gorgeous cats! Itty Bitty is just so striking, he just is a very impressive cat with such presence. Imsadi has the most beautiful blue eyes and such a pretty coat! Aura is beautiful, I'm such a sucker for fluffy kitties. Binky is just adoreable, I want to snuggle his little face.

Love the pics!
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I absolutely love your cats! You always get such great photos as well Particularly love the one of Itty Bitty shaking his head, I love it when big eared cats do that - Sonic's ears make a sort of 'blublublub' noise when he does that
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As always, your boys are just so gorgeous.... I am so glad Itty has fit in so well. Those pics seeing them all laying around together were just precious.

That pic of Itty shaking his head is hilarious

And you can see just cool and loving Binky is
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Adorable! I love Binky's name! You've got quite the mix of kittie there!
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Such beautiful pictures! Gorgeous kitties.

The one with Itty Bitty with one ear up and one down is hysterical! It had me laughing out loud
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Stunning as always! I'm so glad to see Itty Bitty is fitting in just fine...I love to see kitties that love each other!
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The shaking head pic of Itty is just so hilarious! I have a soft spot for Binky, he's just adorable
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Wow you have gorgeous cats! : Love all of their beautiful fur colors!
Thank you for sharing those great photos, can't wait to see more of all of them
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