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cat or a meerkat?!!

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can anyone help us find out whether our minnie is a cat or meerkat?!
A short video treat for all cat lovers.thanks
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How about complete dollbaby? She's such a love, and what a darling pose.
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Bless her, she's so sweet!!! I vote Meerkat disguised as Moggy!!
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Cute! Junior will often sit like that while looking out the screen door for 30-45 seconds before putting a paw on the door for balance.
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I think she just believes she is a meerkat!
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o how sweet!
Berach used to do this when he was curious about something...
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That is so funny!! And shes just adorable!!
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That is so cute!
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Yep, she's a meerkat! Think the guys at Meerkat Manor would want her?
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Minnie is a Meerkat...
no doubt about it.

Loved the music.
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Yup, Definately a meercat! A cute one at that!
What a sweetheart!!
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That's a very funny video! What a cute lil sweetheart kitty!
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