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She has been funny all week, been extra vocal, and i couldnt figure out why, until I found out that the best thing to shut her up is to play, no idea why she suddenly wants to play more than normal, but at least she is definitely happy, and seeing her play always warms my heart cos she had no interest in life this time 2 years ago. She will only play with a couple of toys though, so she is still on her 50p toy from her Auntie Sarah, although it has a different stick now as I broke the first one. She is funny though, some days she will just bound across the bed chasing it and then do nothing when you leave it for her to have a quick play, and other times (like now), she is happy to play with it by herself (she was fast asleep 5 mins ago, till I moved it from the side of her head, now she is bounding about and grunting at it!!). Its wonderful to see this 15yo bounding across the bed, miaowing at me if I type for too long and then grunting while she runs back and forth for it!!
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What a sweetie. I love it when Much suddenly takes an interest in things. Sometimes she gets to be an old fuddy duddy.
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Awww that is the best isn't it?
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It never amazes me - when we want them to play alone, they won't leave us alone. When we want to play with them, they're perfectly happy to play on their own.

Sweet Molly - acting like a kitten!

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Thanks guys, it is wonderful to see oldies playing and acting like kittens, but Molly touches me more, as we didn't think she had long left when she came here 2 years ago, she certainly enjoys her life now!! And it doesn't matter how asleep she is, move her toy, and she will always play!!
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How sweet! I have an oldie and she's been quite feisty this morning. It does my heart good to see her play like she did when she was 2, so I understand your happiness!

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i have a cat called Molly and she is SUPER vocal- she'll wake you up at 4am to play, or drag her toys upstairs and meow desperately waiting to play! rbheart.gif

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I think the change of seasons give animals more energy for some reason. I know my crew is a LOT more active now then they were 4 weeks ago, to the point where they are driving me crazy!! But that's great the Molly is enjoying playing. She'll tire herself out and come snuggle in your lap for some lovins.

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