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Feral Kitten...URGENT HELP NEEDED!!!

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Ok...here's the story....

We've noticed a kitten around the apartment blocks of where we live. And with me being a cat lover decided to do some digging around for news. It turns out the 'owner' lives in the same complex.

However..this person hasn't been seen by anyone. And to further complicate the issue, they don't own the kitten, they only look after it....like that makes an ounce of difference. The children upstairs, particularly the girl has grown attached to the kitten as she plays with it on sight but she isn't allowed to keep any pets.

So today after a few nights of feeding it, we have it inside. Now we have a frightened angry kitten who is by behaviour, feral. It doesn't like being handled at all. We have provided it with food and we have to keep it in our cat cage as it's bound to lead to cat fights or further scratches and bites on us. I've sprayed some Feliway onto some paper towels and weaved them into some of the holes of the cage. I'm hoping that helps to calm the kitty. The cage is also in a quiet area of our one bedroom apartment.

Though there is hissing from the kitty when either Russell or Esper feel brave enough to invesitgate. And I have put a towel over the cage, though I'm not sure whether that is a good idea. I'm not sure how to let the kitty out to do its business.

My hope is to somehow rehabilitate it and then give it to the local vet to find a good home for it. We simply cannot have another cat in the household. Does anyone out there have any suggestions to help?

Oh, we will be moving soon into a two bedroom place. One room is supposed to me my study but will also double as the kitty's room. The kitten will go in there as I'll be spending most of my time there and can keep an eye on all cats. I don't want to leave the kitty in the cat cage at the moment but I am at a loss what to do. My current place is small and I can't dedicate a room just for it.

I don't even think it's eaten yet, though that's most likely due to it being in new surroundings. I hope things improve soon. Anyone with ANY ideas, please post them. I need all the help I can get for this VERY frisky bundle.
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Mags, I see why you posted this question here, but I believe the feral forum could be very helpful with this problem. Many people have been able to socialize feral cats. Some just won't adapt to living indoors, and would hate to be confined in a carrier. Please don't do anything until you take this problem to our Feral Cats forum. In fact I'm going to move this there now. I wish you the very best!
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Thank you for taking this kitten, and you are right, it is scared right now and wondering what happened to its world. Here is an article about ferals, perhaps you can find some suggestions in it helpful?

Feral cats
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Mags, I don't know what your layout is like, but is there a way to put the little one in a bathroom with food, water, and a litterbox? Being so small and scared a small room like that would help him feel more secure with his new surroundings, you just have to be extra careful about opening the door. Announce that you are coming in every time so he gets used to it. Leave at least a night light on for him, and if you can have some classical music playing where he can hear it. The other thing this will do it separate him from your other cats, which will also help put him at ease as well as protect your cats from anything this kitty may have picked up on the outside.

I know that it's a super long thread, but check out A Friend Needs Help at least the first few pages from when Sandi brings Lucky into the house. You have a distinct advantage that this kitty is still young and doesn't have the feral ways totally ingrained into him. It will be easier to socialize a kitten than an adult cat, although it is certainly possible to do it!
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I did go reading Sandi's post after I posted mine and all the links provided in the thread.

This morning we decided to give the kitten to professionals who look after feral cats and kittens. I went looking throught the local phonebook looking for someone who could help and luckily found someone. Well it did eat the cat food we provided.

I hope it turns out well now.
*fingers crossed*

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A happy ending!! Rang up the people who offered to look after the kitten to see what the progress was like. Kitty got a brand new home!

Just thought I'd share the news. ^_^

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Mags - thanks so much for rescuing this kitten!!!!!

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:blubturq: :blubturq:
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That's great, Mags! We love happy endings.
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Wonderful news! Another kitty off the streets!
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Because, if we don't get the kitties off the streets, there's all that drinking and drugs, and not to mention sex... my psychic abilities are telling me that hissy is thinking "Sex! Tell me about it... these young girls getting knocked up and showing up on my doorstep...":tounge2:

Good job Mags! I hope that in the same situation I could handle it as well as you did.
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Aww shucks...thanks guys.

I didn't do all that much. Credit really should go towards the people that put in the time to show the little one that us giant folk aren't all bad.

lol WillieWZ. Now if I ever rescued a pregnant kitty the entire household would have something to say.

My bf Lee would point out costs, space, (lack of) and give up and let me rescue anyway.

Russell, my male cat would sulk in protest. He's seen kitties ceom and go.

Esper, not too sure what she would do. She'd probably wonder what kind of nutty person she lives with. Though at the moment she's quite happy to talk to the neighbourhood kitties that happen to walk past our door.
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