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HELP! Cat throwing up after eating some mesh!

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I am baby sitting my best friends cat and he threw up earlier tonight a 10cm piece of red dyed mesh!

He has been looking off all and vomitting up sort of bile (he has thrown up three times in the past 8 hours. It is sort of pink which I'm hoping is from the colouring and not blood.

It's 5 in the morning and nothing is open...WHAT DO I DO?

His eyes are pretty much all black and he really isn't looking well.

Should I just get him straight to the vet as soon as it opens?

I'm freaking out!
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Absolutely get him to the vet! He really needs to go to the ER vet, now!
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Oh my goodness!!! YES, take him to the E-Vet!

Please let us know how it goes
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Oh Im sorry I wasn't on earlier!

Did you take him to the vet yet? Pupils being dilated is not a good thing!!
Please keep us posted!
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Oh my gosh, I hope this little cat got to a vet.
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Any update on this kitty? It sounds like an intestional blockage as a result of the kitty ingesting the mesh. This can be deadly if it's not tended to immediately. He cat needs to be seen by a vet ASAP and possibly undergo emergency surgery to make sure that there is no blockage. If left untreated it can kill the kitty (i'm not trying to scare you, but just want you to understand it needs immediate attention.) Is there an after hours emergency vet you could take it to or were you able to get it to the regular vet today? I hope all is ok and the kitty does well. The sooner it is seen by the vet, the better. Please let us know what happens
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I called his owner and by the time she came over he had perked back up...eaten and jumping around. She decided that she thought he was ok and he seems to be fine now.

Do you think he should still go to the vet?
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I'd say so - maybe they can do a barium study on him or something!

Why not call the vet and ask them what they think??
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He is no longer with me...I am still a little worried though!
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I would worry too, and would probably tell your friend to get it checked out just to be safe! If you find what the cause is now it might save money and time later on! Not to mention at least you would know that he is alright!
Good luck and let us know what she decides to do!
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