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Little Traffic Rant

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Ok, I don't know how it works in every other country.... but I'm guessing it's the same as here... when a light is red, you stop. When it's green, you go.

If pedestrians are crossing - at a crossing, on THEIR green light - do you continue to drive over the crossing when your light is red and then yell at the pedestrians and ask if they are "f'ing stupid"?! I don't get it. DH and I are walking through town when exactly this happens. We waited at the crossing for our green light and then started over the road. Some idiot drove over his red light and then proceeded to scream profanities out of the window at us for crossing in front of him! We were not in the wrong..... so why does he feel the need to shout like that? He got so close in his car while we were crossing, that I nearly finished up sitting on the bonnet!! He asked us if we were blind, if we were stupid and if we knew what the road was for!

Maybe it's Christmas stress - even though that is NO excuse whatsoever - but I can't help but thinking that this is one of the reasons why there have been so many raod accidents in Copenhagen recently. Drivers here drive very selfishly and inconsiderately. They are careless and unattentive to everything around them. I have no faith in drivers. Not that pedestrians are much better - there are so many who just walk out into the road in front of oncoming vehicles and some pushing prams almost like weapons, figuring that anyone driving will stop for a baby in a pram. Anyone would, if they could. If they are driving too fast (as many young drivers do on these roads) and they have traffic coming fast behind them.... how on earth are they going to have the time?!

I wish people would realise that when they are in a car, they are essentially in control of a deadly weapon.
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Sounds like such rudeness is worldwide. I was once crossing a drive (to exit municpal building) and was almost hit by a city police car! (And, no, his lights weren't flashing.) He just drove out like I didn't exist!

How dare you cross on the green!
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A few years ago Neil and I were shopping and we crossed the interesection when the "walk" light appeared and a car turned into out path and I walked right into it!! I should have had the guy get out of the car and call the police. So I know how you feel. Lots of people seem to ignore the rights of pedistrians.
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Awww man, I hate drivers like that
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Drivers are so intent on making that right on red, they pay no attention whatsover to pedestrians trying to cross.
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Road rage is a major problem. Maybe everyone should get off the cell phones and practice common courtesy again.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Road rage is a major problem. Maybe everyone should get off the cell phones and practice common courtesy again.
That's a novel idea I walk or bus everywhere now. Drivers out there just are not paying attention and/or they simply don't care.
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Road rage is a major problem. Maybe everyone should get off the cell phones and practice common courtesy again.
No kidding. I don't get the whole "you must turn right on red" thing anyway. I've actually been honked at for not turning on red before! Um, hello. It's optional. Certainly not a good idea when traffic is heavy. Sometimes I think I'm the only one whose read the Driver's Manual (for several states actually) and remember anything from it.
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I was jogging on a sidewalk jogging one night a couple years ago. I was crossing the driveway of a school where there has been some sort of night activity. I was already halfway across the driveway when a lady in a Jeep tried to run over me. She had slowed, so I figured that she had seen me (I was wearing the brightest neon yellow jacket imaginable and was right in front of her headlights) but then she sped up so close to me that I reached out and smacked the top of the hood while trying to get out of the way. I committed her plate to memory and jogged down to the police station to report her.

The best thing you can do is get a plate number in a situation like that.
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When I was about 13 or 14, I was walking across the parking lot of a grocery store when some punks actually tried to chase me in their car!!! I had a trick knee back then that would give out without notice. Luckily that didn't happen or the punks would have ran over me. They even laughed when they drove off. They did that on purpose!!!

But people today are horrible drivers
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When I'm about to cross in a pedestrian crossing I always look 1st to make sure there are no cars coming. But when I'm driving the amount of ppl who step off the kerb without looking is amazing. My son always tells me they have right of way, but I think they should make sure 1st. i find when I approach a zebra crossing I'm looking at the footpath to make sure no ones going to step off, which takes my eyes off the traffic.
Do I have a point? or do you think I should be more tolerant of pedestrians?
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We seem to have the opposite problem here, people walking across the road here never look to see if a car is coming before they cross the street. Just today I was driving through a parking lot and I was observing people as they crossed the street. Out of about ten people I only saw one look to see if it was safe to cross. Sure drivers are suppose to yield to pedestrians, but what if their not paying attention (like many drivers these days). Walking out into the street (even if your on a crosswalk) without looking to see if the coast is clear, is dangerous and irresponsible. There are just too many distractions these days, drivers just don't pay attention to where their going like they should. It only takes a second to look both ways before crossing, doing so could very well save your life.
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How many people here have nearly been ran over in parking lots? where pedestrians do have the right away.
DH and I had a close call earlier. It's always worse around this time of year, too.

I agree, remember the license plate number and report people like that. Not only was the person driving on a red light, they were being verbally abusive.
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I was clobbered by a car when I was 12 years old. I was in a cross walk. I cannot count how many times I have had to tap on a car hood to let them know I am trying to use the crosswalk. They are looking the other direction while attempting to make a right turn. I just don't get people.
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