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Black and white photo shooting

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My first b/w shooting and I'm kind of proud of me! And of my babies too, they're the best models ever (they're not presomptuous, they don't ask to get paid, they look long as I feed them and love them ).

These are from Tania

And this one from Zoe (partially hidden by Tania, who likes too much being pictured!)

I wish you all happy holidays and Merry Christmas,
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Absolutely beautiful pics! Black and white photography is my favorite. There is something very serene about it because all the focus is on the subject and not everything else around the focal point.
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Very nice shots! Good job!
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Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love black and white.
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Beautiful pictures!
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these are gorgeous pictures!
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Well done! Beautiful subjects, too
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Beautiful pics of your beautiful girls!!
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Those are some wonderful shots!!!

Merry Christmas to you too!!
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beautiful pictures
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Lovely pictures!
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Those black & white photos are wonderful
Love the picture of both cats together, they are so cute
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