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California Natural - no fish dry

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Hi, Osmo, our himi kitten, keeps making a mess on himself. We've finally noticed that this happens 80+% of the time after we feed him his dry food. Our normal regimen is 1 5.5Oz of holistic canned (rotation of Wellness, Eagle Pack, and Felidae) and some dry (1/4 of a cup or less) at night sometimes.

I'm almost certain his dry is causing this, although I'm not really sure why since we can't tell whether his poop is loose or not with the clumping. His dry is a mix of Eukanuba kitten and Royal Canin kitten (which he ate along with RC Queen & RC babycat when he was w/ his breeder).

To make a very long story short, we are transitioning him to another dry and am looking for a dry formula that does NOT contain fish (yes, fish causes loose stool also for sure, and I don't like the whole high mercury and lead deal for him, per his breeder's advice). Preferably, a no-grain formula (= less poop?) would be ideal.

Finding a dry formula without fish, fish meal, or fish oil is almost impossible! So far, the only one I found is CALIFORNIA NATURAL - Chicken & Rice formula (= grain...).

1) Does anyone have any opinion on this formula?

2) Is there another premium formula out there that lacks fish?

3) Is there another premium formula out there that lacks fish AND grain-free?

Thanks, everyone!
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Grain in a dry is NOT evil... especially when it is rice since that is the most digestable grain..
Fish oil SHOULD NOT be a issue as the allergen is in the protein.. Unless it is a VERY VERY severe issue , like a human allergic to peanuts

I often recommend the cal natural chn formula .... it is basic and good

many do but youll have to read alot... Natural balence has a duck and pea ... Natural choice kitten and senior ....

Of hand the only grain free I think might be raw instict
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I feed the California Natural Chicken and Rice and the cats seem to really enjoy it. I have one cat who is sensitive and it seems to be one of the better foods for him.
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I've used California Natural for quite a while and really like it. I ended up switching after Willow passed and Zekkie came home because Zek's metabolism is enormous. But Willow and Odo did well on California Natural for more than a year.
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Felidae Chicken and Rice formula dry is fish free also.
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Thanks for the feedback, everyond.

Jencat, I will try to grab a bag of Felidae sample bag for the chicken and rice. That's extremely helpful. Thanks.
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