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Is this a stray?

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Lately, I have noticed a big ginger tabby in my yard. I don't know if it (haven't got close enough to look) is a stray, but, of course, I gave it some food. It hangs around but I didn't see a collar. It is big, so not sure it is a stray,but our RIP Brownie lived outdoors (showed up and I fed and fixed him) and he was big. I told the vet what I fed him and she said that she was betting that Brownie knew every house in the neighborhood that put out cat food or had an open cat door.
What should I do about the ginger? Do you think it is a stray without a collar? Ginger cat is definitely not feral. If I can coax it into a cat carrier, should I take it to the shelter? Should I just put notes in the neighbors mailboxes and ask if it has a home? But without a collar...
My Butzie is really territorial and I think she wants to be top cat.
Any suggestions?
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Begin with asking neighbours and write him up at message boards nearby.

You can tell the shelter you have such a cat at you.
Also the local police if they have as routine to write up lost cats.

If lost/astray, owners will seek him - at shelters, at message boards...

This very important. Always when unsure if having home but astray -
or dumped/homeless - help and give food/shelter, but ALSO seek after owner.
If he HAS owner and you give food - the risk very big he dont returns home and get homless this way...
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When a kitty is clearly not a feral, we put up pics at the local supermarkets, all the local vets, and we contact the local shelters. We also put the notice in all our neighbor's boxes.

However - our policy is if a cat is on our property, it gets trapped and spayed or neutered.

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