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Saturdays Plans What Are Yours?

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Morning All!

Dull and dreary day here today, perfect day for my mood I woke up a bit on the irritable side this morning.

Not a whole lot planned for the day, work as usual. Still need to go grocery shopping so will most likely do that later.

I think it will be Chinese food and a movie for tonight. I thinking the Simpson's Movie I haven't seen it yet.

Everyone have a good one
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Good morning to you!
Going to rest and surf a bit this morning, then clean house and wrap some gifts later . This evening we have some food to cook and deliver about 6ish, so will be working at the kitchen then...

on the plus side, I did succeeed in finishing up my Christmas shopping yesterday..
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I need to head to the bakery soon to pick up a bread and some pizza. My nephew will be coming by later. Other than that, I need to get some laundry done, some general straightening and to wrap the last few gifts that I bought.

Have a great day!
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I think I will go to Karen's house to eat some pizza with her nephew.
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I need to straighten up the house and do about 100 loads of laundry.
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Its my 51st B-Day today. Going shopping and hubbys taking me out to eat tonight to some place special..
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Christmas party time We are having some family over for early Christmas dinner today
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I have to feed horses here soon and then John will probably want to get a bunch of work done outside. Weekends are really no fun at all around here.
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DH and I will do some minor grocery shopping, then clean the house and get ready for Christmas travels...if we're able to do any. I'll also be checking in on Scotty at the emergency vet and getting updates on him.
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I'm on call, so I'm just sitting here, waiting for the pager to go off, or the phone to ring... It's impossible to plan anything when I'm on call!
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I've had a lazy day so far as it's the first day of my christmas holidays! I'm not back into work until the 2nd of january .

We're going for dinner with friends tonight and we'll be doing Kris Kindle; it should be fun.
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today is going to bring my grandparents to the hsopital so my grama can see her brother who had a stroke,then maybe some lunch. tomorrow is going to SO's parents house for early xmas.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats View Post
Its my 51st B-Day today. Going shopping and hubbys taking me out to eat tonight to some place special..
Happy Birthday!

We have some last minute shopping to do. Clean the kitchen. Mom has a folder table set-up with all her baking needs. We have to clear that out for the buffet dinner on Monday. Tomorrow are visiting some friends who just had a baby.
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Today I had to work 11-3. It was crazy busy with everyone finishing up Christmas shopping.

Tonight, I am going to watch Rush Hour 3. Thats about it, I am too exhausted to do much else.
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I am working today - I work for my local animal shelter and helped clean of course and take care of the animals and we did a reclaim of a REALLY cute shiba inu. in about 15 minutes I am going to meet my co-worker to help walk the dogs and then later tonight I am going to get all my Christmas shopping done. I just have to buy for my mom and then MORE stuff for the fur kiddos. have a great day everyone and a VERY Merry Christmas.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I think I will go to Karen's house to eat some pizza with her nephew.
Awww me too! We will have so much fun!!

I have done two loads of laundry and swept and mopped my floors...Now I am waiting for my sister to call so we can go shopping a bit Tonight I am going to sit around...I can't wait
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I went to work for a little while to get stuff ready for Monday for the analyst since I won't be back to work until Thursday. Then I went and waited for Rob to get off work too.

I picked up an 8-lb bag of kitten chow for the local SPCA we adopted Monte & Katina from, and then walked two dogs and spent time in the cat room brushing and petting all but a few that just wanted to sleep! Refilled water bowls too, since 2 didn't even have water bowls in their cages (don't know why that was...but they were thirsty kitties when we let them out and they got to the water bowl on the floor). Rob liked a gray and white 11 month old cat with a big pink nose. It WAS a rather pretty cat. I think we might have come home with it if we had our own house. I wouldn't mind a 3rd cat for ourselves someday.

I feel good after spending 2 hours there today
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats View Post
Its my 51st B-Day today. Going shopping and hubbys taking me out to eat tonight to some place special..

Happy Birthday Hope you and your hubby have a nice dinner and you have a wonderful day
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Packing, cleaning, tomorrow I drive 7 hours to home with Henny.... Henny gets to meet the corgi.

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Well I finally put the Menorahs away - Hanukkah has been over for a over a week, so I was a little behind. Today I put up my wire ornament holder (looks a tree without leaves just loops to hold the ornaments). I put up the new, 3' pink mylar tree with the ornament Ben made in school on it. Like I said, I grew up Catholic but now we are Jewish so I think we have the best of both worlds at this time of year.
Tonight I am making 2 new recipes - beef and vegetable potpie and Endive, Romaine, and Radicchio Salad.
Happy Everything!
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It's been a long day today. I had work all morning/afternoon, and we were a bit understaffed as well and our community service people/normal volunteers for the most part did not come, so it was just hectic. My boss's cat passed away last night, and my other coworker's little girl is in the hospital -so my poor coworkers are just really having a rough week.

We had several idiots turn in animals today (of course), but at the same time we were also very very blessed to have a few good adoptions- so i am greatful for that. We were pretty swamped today. When i got off work, i stopped by the store and finished up the rest of my Christmas shopping! After that i came home and took a nice long nap! (i needed one!) Now i'm watching the news with miss Velvet curled up asleep on my arm I can't think of a better way to spend the evening! Later on i will hop in the shower and maybe wrap some Christmas presents.
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We had Christmas with my granny! It was really fun till we had to drive home. It was ok for half of the drive but then a blizzard just started snap of a finger! We were at the last 20 miles of the trip and it took us an HOUR to go that 20 miles! People were driving too fast and going into the ditch. There were at least 12 cars on that 20 miles of road!

We've got half a foot of snow outside right now and it's still coming down!
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