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Vibes for Scotty please!!

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DH and I came home early from work yesterday and DH noticed Scotty trying to urinate outside of his box. Oh boy, we know what this is all about. So we grab a spare litter box and he jumps right in it, but produces NO urine at all. I'm on code red at this point and call the vet. THANK GOD I DID! He was working on an awfully large fact, once they got some urine out, they couldn't get anymore. His bladder was still large, and he couldn't produce urine on his own due to the crystals.

After an hour of tests and them trying to get him to go (even some Valium), they decide to catheterize him. Because it was a Friday night, they had us take him to the emergency clinic for observation and fluids (and to remove the catheter sometime today). They think he might be ready to come home Sunday.

This also means ANOTHER dietary change for him..not sure how to handle the boys sharing food, since Oscar doesn't have urinary problems like this...

We've been through this before, two years ago, so I understand the gravity of the situation...I just thought we had it under control.

So, please...just some vibes/thoughts/prayers...
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Oh no, many thoughts and prayers for Scotty
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Poor Scotty. Sending him some vibes.
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Thanks Pamie and Karen. They had to pull the catheter out early as he kinked it in the night, but his bladder is much smaller (meaning it's not full enough to cause concern right now). They still have him on IV fluids, and are keeping a close eye on him. The vet said he sure seems interested in food, so that's a good sign (Scotty is always hungry).

Things are looking good...forgot to ask about visitations, lol. The clinic is really only a few blocks from our house, so it'd be no problem to go there and see him...but I don't want to be in their way.

I just want him home...that's all.
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Sending lots of vibes for Scotty!
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Sending lots of and Prayers for Scotty
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More vibes for Scotty

I was worried about him and you last night

When Scully was at the vets she did not mind me coming by to see him at all, she said it would help keep him calmer. Just give the vet a call and ask when it would be most convenient for them.

If Scotty is eating it is definitely a good sign
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Oh that is definitely some good news. Hopefully you will keep geting better and better news. More prayers and vibes coming and to you.
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Lots of get well for Scotty and for you
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Many get well prayers and vibes for Scotty. Bless his heart...I'm glad he will be home for Christmas
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Lots and lots of and
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Sending some for Scotty and some for you
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Lots of for Scotty and some more for you.
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Fingers crossed for him
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Thank you all so much!!! I truly appreciate all of the support and vibes *hugs everyone*

DH and I went to see him, and he was very alert. He's also developed quite the reputation there. They nearly flipped a coin to see who would hold him while they plugged the catheter.

They brought him into an observation room, and he ran around, trying to rub his face on anything, but couldn't because they had an e-collar on him. They had to do that because he chewed through the last catheter. *shakes head*

But all in all, it looks less likely that he'll be home tomorrow, and more likely he'll be home Monday. I really do miss him though.

Oscar still doesn't act like Scotty is gone...I don't think he "gets" it yet. *shrug* Oh well.
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It is good that you got to see him

More and continued for Scotty
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for Scotty

for you
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o what a brave little boy...

hang in there, I know how hard it is to have your baby in the hospital.
Vets are usually very good about allowing visitation though. I visited Chloe twice a day for about an hour a time when she was there.

for a speedy recovery and homecoming
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I talked to a different vet today (at the emergency clinic..I figured it would be a different one than yesterday) and he gave a completely different (but good) story about Scotty. Said he was a joy to work with, he was chipper, happy, eating and drinking, and perfectly fine. They removed the urinary catheter this morning and have just been waiting to see if he can produce any urine on his own.

This vet seems more knowledgeable than the one from yesterday, so I'm really confident that he's in great hands.

DH and I have been discussing our holiday plans and we will talk to the vet before making a final decision. But...I really hope that the crystals have been flushed from his system and he can come home!!!!

Scotty's main vet has suggested a dietary change and I really do trust her. She is a big advocate of holistic foods, but has the logical sense to suggest prescription diets if they are needed. She believes that in Scotty's case, it's needed. I will talk with her tomorrow when we take Scotty in for a checkup.

Anyway, the vibes seem to be working well and the hugs have been wonderful! It almost brings me to tears to read all the supportive responses, and it really does mean a lot to me!!!
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Prayers for your Cat.
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It sounds like things are still going very well for Scotty. Continued prayers for you little man
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He's home!!! It looks like Oscar DID miss him!

You can still kind of see his bandaged arm..they didn't remove the IV catheter in case he had to be readmitted (they didn't want to have to knock him out to put it back in), so they wrapped it up. Both of them are still conked out on the papasan.
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I'm so happy to hear that Scotty is home.
That picture is adorable.
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It is great that he is doing well enough to be home

Continued vibes for the check up tomorrow and that it is good news that you can relax over your Christmas break

It definitely looks like Oscar missed him
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Awwwww what a precious pic ...... Im so very glad you have him home with you now. Let us know what the Dr says tomorrow. Continued prayers.
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Thank god our boys gave us more warning when there was a problem! Lazlo was catheterized two years ago, then twice in as many months last year.

Tuxedo also had a problem with crystals - his was WAY more subtle. They had grown like a cyst into the lining of his bladder wall. He needed surgery to correct the situation.

What type of crystals are they? Our boys were both calcium oxalate, so no more greens or seafood for them.

They're on prescription food now. We have three boys and three girls - so we just put the prescription food out for all to free feed on. I can't imagine how we'd deal with some eating separate diets!

We do feed them wet food once a day: the boys get the prescription canned; the girls get their pouches (and their seafood flavors ). We just stay with them while they eat, and pick the bowls up as they finish and walk away - that way the boys don't get into the girls non-prescription food.

I'm so glad he's home with you! I'm sending vibes he doesn't need to be catheterized again. !!!!!

If Lazlo had had to go within a few days / few weeks, the vet said he would have recommended the surgery where they basically graft in a larger urethra. Lots of complications there, so I am really relieved the diet did its work.

I hope the diet works for your baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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o what a cute pic, snuggy kitties are cute
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