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Sasha & her box, Take 2..

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My Sasha Kara has developed an interest in industrial design.
She decided that her boxes were not of optimal shape. So she set her mind and her teeth to the problem...

Behold the finished product (at least for now!)

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Sasha Kara looks quite busy designing her new home doesn't she? I would be worried at the amount of cardboard she is eating. If the boxes carry a sheen to them at all, it usually means that animal renderings were used to coat the box, thus increasing the attraction to your cat.

I would like to suggest that you get a large planter for Sasha Kara and plant oat grass or catnip and give her something alternate to chomp on that is good for her. That is a fair amount of cardboard that this cat is consuming, and honestly, that is not very good for her system.
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she is ripping it to shreds. I have small pieces of paper everywhere
in my apartment, including a few that found their way into my printer, the effect of which I don't want to remember.

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ha ha.
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Oh good Lucia! Thank you for clarifying. I will stop worrying now.

By the way, she is very beautiful!
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Oh my goodness, what a mess! LOL But Sasha is gorgeous!
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Hey, my Trent does that! Although, he doesn't make such beautiful architectural changes to the boxes as your Sasha. LOL He doesn't eat it either, just pulls at the box and spits out the cardboard. What a mess!
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What a great and funny photo essay! Cats and their personalities, you gotta' love it. She is quite talented and smart, and I love her markings. Keep posting photos!
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LOL oh my! She's worse then my cats. They TRY to eat box's but I wont let them. They do the same things to books as well.
Course, let a rat near one of those and they wouldn't stop
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That is hysterical!!! :laughing: I love the photos. What a mess too! That is something my dog likes to do, but I never imagined a cat would want to chew up cardboard!
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how funny. what a mess. My Binky likes to shred news paper. Its rip rip rip, shred shred shred. I think she like the sound of the ripping paper. I dont let her go on too long though, i dont want her ingesting ink. goofy kittys!
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Wow...what a shredder! You should rent her out in the summer. Maybe she could trim hedges!

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