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Here's the story*why I lost my job*

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As promised...This is why I lost my job...

I will start at the beginning. In August I had to transfer teams due to my college schedule conflicting with my work schedule. I left an awesome team(night shift) to go to a day team with a different Team Lead so that I could continue going to college. Everything was wonderful for my first month on the team. Then on 9/16/07 I went to work with abdominal cramps and bleeding I was 9 weeks pregnant. I was scheduled for 7:45-6:15 at 8:15 I left to go to the ER and was told that I was excused. I went to the hospital where I they took my blood and told me I was only about 7wks I told them that I knew that was wrong that I was 9wks and she told me I was losing the baby. I immediately started crying they admitted me in order to watch me at 9:30 I had offically lost the baby I called my boss and told her that I lost the baby and that they were putting me out of work for 3 days no big deal as I was scheduled off sunday monday and tuesday...I told her Id see her on Wednesday and everything was believed to be fine by Monday night I was running a temperarture of 103 I went back to the Emergency room they admitted me again and said that I was setting up a staph infection I was placed on 3000mg of antibiotics a day they put me out of work for 2 weeks and released me tuesday morning. I called my boss and told her again she said not to worry about it that I was excused. I said ok and didnt hear anything from them until I went back to work...I had been back for about 3 weeks when they told me they were going to write me up due to my recent 2wk absent I mentioned to them that I had been excused and my boss said that she had made the decision to write me up because that was entirely too long to be out of work due to "the simple loss of a fetus" I was very upset with this but dealt with it. Then 3 weeks later I had to be at a custody hearing of my 17 year old brother I put in for the day off it was not given to me so I called in and supplied them with a suponea from the court. I was granted full custody that day. Due to many reasons he cannot be left alone I worked this issue out an arranged to for someone to be with him including my self 24/7 everything seemed to be going wonderfully then again I am wrote up for missing the day due to the custody hearing. this is my Final written and I am told that "if you are even one minute late for work I will fire you regardless of your excuse" again I mentioned the fact that she had excused me and sadly I didnt have the proof for other wise. Then on 12/13/07 I get my christmas schedule and I am scheduled for 8am-7p*christmas* on one of my SET days off(S,M & T) I was told that set schedules do not apply and I have no one to keep my brother for that day DH works 8-4 I told them I could come in at 4 and work from 4pm-3am The site director said that was fine with him but I had to get it approved by my team lead I went and discussed the issue with her and was told "we cant do that your schedule is your schedule case closed" With no where to leave my brother and the chance of losing him to the state of VA...I quit I had no other option she was not willing to work with me and she had the final say. Virginia has no laws to protect their employees. We were told that anyone who called in or showed up late on christmas or christmas eve would be fired immediately.

I would like everyones opinons on this to see what you all think or what you would have done Thanks for letting me rant!
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I'm sorry to hear that

TBH it sounds like she had issues with you and was doing her best to get rid of you for some reason. IE: Telling you not to worry and granting you time off, then writing you up for it.

She also sounds like an insensitive oaf! It's quite possible that she has a sociopathic personality and can't feel anything for anyone, which explains her statement "the simple loss of a fetus."

Frankly, while it's a crappy time of year to be out of work, I think you are far better off without that job. The boss sounds like an absolute troll.

I believe that when one door closes, another opens. You will find a job that is right for you, and that has people that respect you.


A tip for the future. Always ask for things in writing. This way you are protected because you have proof of "agreements." If she had put it in writing to you, she wouldn't have been able to back pedal and change her mind and write you up after the fact.
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I had the same thing happen to me many years ago.

I asked for several days off and I was told it was okay. During that time off they called me to see if I could work one day and I said I could not so they fired me.

At the time I was upset but in the end it worked out for the better.

I am thinking that your team leader may have been getting preasure from the other empoyees on the team. If they were complaining about your absence then she might have felt backed into a wall.

She really can't discuss with the other team members why you have lost so much work because it is a medical condition and legally she can't disclose that information.

If she made it fair for you to take off weeks then other would want the same curve.

I am not saying in anyway that it is fair, its not but it happens everyday and employers get away with it.

As Natalie_ca pointed out you should get any approved time off in writing. Even if it is only email corrispondence.

I wish you luck in where ever you go from here.
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I worked at a place a few years ago that was so awful to their employees. They only recognized 2 holidays, and if you were scheduled you HAD to work. If you had no PTO worked up (and the first year you had none) you couldn't take any time off. You had to "switch" with other people. So imagine you would take a vacation, then have to work 2 weeks straight to make up for it after. The place was awful. Management was worse. Plus after people hit the max on the pay grade, the company looked for reasons to fire them. It was an awful place to work.

You are so much better off without that job. I imagine the stress washed away like a weight lifted from your shoulders the minute you left.
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...Oh Brandi that´s so sad...... and your bosses don´t give you support about it... just look for money...
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
*I know what is loose I baby ... my wife And I have lived that awful circunstance, BUT for sure I can tell you..."Don´t give up" Life is so precious!....
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The way you were treated was terrible. If you had certified sick leave for 2 weeks how can they get away with doing this to you? Over here if you go back to work while you're still on a sick cert I don't think you're covered insurance wise.

It would be different if you just decided to take a holiday but you were genuinely ill.
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What an insensitive little sow!! "The simple loss of a feotus"?! Who does she think she is to talk about someone's child that way?! I'm willing to bet she has no children of her own - and there's a bitter reason behind it. But still, that's no excuse for the way she has treated you. If she can grant you the time off because you are sick, surely they can't fire you for it!

You're definitely much better without that job - even though it sucks to be out of work over Christmas.

If it's any consolation, what goes around, comes around and karma will get her in the end.
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Are you sure that being fired over a two-week sick leave and a mandatory court date is legal? Both place should be able to confirm why you were absent from work. Maybe contact your congressman about it?

I'm very sorry about this, and I hope you find a new and better job soon!

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I just want to say that I really admire you for quitting your job for the sake of your family.

Whatever the reasons, your workplace was incredibly insensitive (especially over the loss of your baby! ), and I know that you'll find a great place to work soon!

and prayers for you and yours during the holiday season!
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Hon, please talk to a lawyer. One that handles employment law and will consider taking your case on spec (or whatever they call it when the lawyer charges nothing unless he wins for you). At the very least, you were subjected to an extremely hostile workplace.

Since you don't have documentation, chances are that nothing will come of it -- but the lawyer might be able to annoy and/or scare them enough to get an apology and some kind of settlement.

I'm so sorry this happened, but as others have said... ANY way you get out of a miserable place like that is a GOOD way. Go forth and find a place to work where they treat you with respect.
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