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Some of our furry companions

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Here are Cipi (a whole male) and Bulina (I guess that would be something along the lines of "Spotty", in English... ). They are two of a group of 7 kitties we took from a neighbour, just before she was getting ready to leave them in a bare field somewhere. Cipi and Bulina are about 8-9 months old now, and used to the outside world, too, so I hope we can place them with families living in the countryside/houses "on the ground". I hope I'm doing this right, I haven't attached pics in a while...

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Time for some ear-cleaning, she said.
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...or whatever...
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Little Monica joining the bandwaggon...
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Too much is too much...
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lol those pictures are so cute. How many kitties can fit in one bag lol
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I found "baby" Monica this year, on Oct. 16, in a busy Bucharest area. She must have barely been 2 months old and was faintly pacing in front of a restaurant door. There was an outdoor restaurant area, full of tables - and clients of course - and no one was taking any notice. She was doing the "voiceless" miaowing and I purchased some wet food and she barely ate. She is a lovely expressive little soul (she plays, of course, but she likes to "talk" a lot; she has a sweet little "girl"'s voice) and I hope she will have a good life. Ideally, I would like to find her a home with a tom, because she's sort of taken to playing with Cipi quite a bit...
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Yes... that basket seems to be very popular. ...
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This is the "basketfull" of kittens that we rescued from the neighbour this past summer - of which Bulina and Cipi are the only ones left (we've placed all the rest of them).
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There's a ginger tom missing (he had managed to escape outside!)...
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Because sleeping in "piles" runs in this family...
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Lully and Monica, our two Calicos. As it one can see, Monica is a "dilute/pastel" Calico. I'd love to keep the little one, too, if I could.
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Lully is the "love of my life". I guess you form a special attachment to kittens who have had a rather miserable start in life. Lully was initially given away with one of her sisters. About a month or so later, we made a second visit to their owners (to "reinforce" some advice on the feeding needs) and we only found Lully, listless and staggering with hunger. We put her in our sweater immediately and got her back home. She is now a flourishing 2-yr old female (spayed, too, like all of our females) and I love her to bits. This is an older picture (taken last year).
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I will say good-night now. It's past 01 a.m. here... I hope to be back soon, though, with more about our dear cats. Best wishes everyone...
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what at wonderful momma you seem to be! the pics are wonderful, the one of them all on the green chair looks like a professional took it! they are all adorable, and i'm sure the 2 that are missing are ok... always have to be positive!

welcome to TCS... it's a great place!
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I love your kitty piles! They're beautiful!!

Sounds like you've got a herd of your own!!
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What gorgeous kitties! love the snuggling pics!!
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Oh I wish my kitties would cuddle! They look so comfy there
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Thank you, everyone... I hope to be back soon with more pics, to continue our introduction. In the meantime, please accept my best wishes for a Merry Christmas next to your loved ones - including the ones that are so important to us, cat lovers. Till soon, Torbie
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They are all so cute and cuddly!
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Beautiful photos and gorgeous cats! What a wonderful thing you are doing. I love Lully, too!
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