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Siamese & Bengal foursome play session!

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I haven't posted some pictures of my four furfriends in some time.

Sarabi and Kiara are growing up so fast it's crazy. Nala and Simba finally have accommodated themselves to their new home. Simba takes his big brother role seriously - sometimes he does his tourney and go washes his three sisters one after the other. He's the most energetic and he's absolutely sweet. He has a small meow when he wants affection and I rarely hear him whine for anything, unlike his sister, who I believe is the feline incarnation of the Devil.

All four get a long superbly well. It took Simba no time to adopt his new sisters, but Nala only started sleeping with the trio 3 days ago. They now usually sleep in two pairs each on their favorite tree level, but I'll catch them from time to time all together in my bed snuggling and purring together.

Needless to say there is no real need for me to entertain them, since they're quite good at that themselves. Simba however can burn all three sisters out before he's himself tired. He tends to play roughly with the Siamese two - he'll jump on them abruptly, and they need to work together to get him off them since he's too big and strong.

Anyway, 'nuff taking, it's picture time.

Simba is turning out in a gorgeous, handsome feline.

From time to time he will not get involved in any play, but will rather supervise the three girls.

Nala is very aggressive when she caught her prey and will growl like a dog if I try to take it from her mouth.

Nala prepares to jump on the stuffed mouse!

"Do you mind sister? I'm busy here!"


"Oh my, what a weirdo..."

"That mouse is mine brotha..."

"Omph-omph yeah try and get it omph-omph..."

"You're a selfish brother!"

"So, who gets it this time?"

Although Simba has established himself as the Alpha cat already, Nala commands the respect of her smaller sisters.

"Now what's this gitter thingy on the floor? Brotha, go check it out!"

"Hum, it seems lifeless sisters... "

The girls observe...

I hope you enjoy this little series
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They are all absolutely gorgeous!!
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Lucky you to be owned by such adorable kittens.It must get pretty wild at your house when its playtime..
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
They are all absolutely gorgeous!!
Great pics and GREAT captions!!
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absolutely gorgeous babies!
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They are all precious, gorgeous kitties! Great pics
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What great pictures! Gorgeous kitties!
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WOW... you are sooooo lucky to have such beautiful babies... they are all gorgeous...
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aw it is nice to see they play together, as well as snuggle in dogbeds
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Oh - the Bengals really are quite a bit larger than the Siamese!
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They are all so amazingly gorgeous!!!! I love to see your pictures! They are always so crisp!
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Your foursome are absolutely adorable.. they are all so beautiful And the photos are very well-taken too
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They are so gorgeous! Your so lucky to have 4 beautiful kitties!
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