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Youtube thread.

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I figured since alot of people here post videos on Youtube, that mabye we can have a topic to post some of our video links here for everyone to see, as long as they are family friendly.

It can be anything, doesn't have to be about cats.

Here's a video I made a few years ago in response to the saga of "lonelygirl15" on Youtube to get the topic started.

The whole video is me making a puppet talk so even if you dont care about the story I think it's funny to watch anyway you'll get a good laugh.

If your interested in the story here is the video I replied about (it's family friendly)
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Good idea.
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Here is one of my favourites
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I LOVE this video.. I could watch it a million times.

and this one is adorable too

I want to steal these 2

cute little tiel (RIP)

and this one is just funny. Brave bunny
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I just found this one while looking at some of the ones that were already posted.... it's so cute, lol!
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LOL, the Cockatoo dancing to the Backstreet Boys and the foot tapping Cockatiel were great!

How about a video of a less popular seen critter.
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
oh that one was uber cute
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I'm rather partial to Nora playing the piano:
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post

Those videos are just too cute!!
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Originally Posted by sandra View Post
Those videos are just too cute!!
Aren't they, though? Hubby plays piano, and Jamie "thinks" he does, but the result is pure cacophony. Nora seems to have an ear for music.

Who'd have thought? Cats playing piano, and birds dancing? They're smarter than we think.
Another favorite, Jessica the hippo:
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Thats also cute Nora playing the piano. By the way on Animal Planet there was a special about Jessica The Hippo, though it was sad when her wild boyfriend hippo got killed by farmers.
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Here is the lion hug video:
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I noticed most of those videos are from the "2007 year in animals" special that was just on Animal Planet last night.

Here's my aquarium video. Mabye after this we can post non-animal related videos?
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But we love animals!

Here is one about the Free Hugs campaign. Made me cry a little.
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My all time fave: A Fat Rant by Joy Nash
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I love this operatic Latvian/Russian soprano's voice:

Make sure your sound on your speakers isn't really loud!!!
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The fat rant was funny, but the women brings up good points.
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