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Eye Problem Now!

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Enya got over last weeks problem and now has an eye infection. We go to the vet in the morning, but I'd like to know of any holistic things to help her. Her eye was tearing all day and there is a thick discharge too. The whites of her eyes are red and her lower lid is puffy. I've put some saline drops in a couple of times today. 2 of my books suggest a drop of cod liver oil in her eye to provide a protective cover and to provide vit. A to aid healing. But I haven't done that. I have a hard time thinking of putting oil in her eye.
She doesn't have any nasal discharge and no fever, so I wonder if she got scratched by our newest kitty. She didn't have any problems since the distemper until we brought him home. I wonder if it stressed her and weakened her.
Thanks for any thoughts.
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I would hesitate putting cod liver oil in her eye as well. Does not sound like a good thing! There is a herbal product that can be used as an eye wash, Eyebright is good for eye irritation, inflammation and chronic infections.

Golden Seal can also be used to clear-up infected eyes that produce discharge. Use the liquid form and mix it with boiling water.

Pour only the amount of solution you’ll need into a small dish and refrigerate the rest. Cool the solution to a proper temperature, then using a cotton ball dip into the solution and gently wipe the eyes and remove debris. Take another cotton ball, saturate that and squeeze a drop or two of this solution into the eyes themselves.

Do this about 3 times a day and toss out any unused portion from the dish. You should notice the results within two to three days.
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Thanks Hissy. My books had some herbal suggestions too. I may get some tomorrow or my vet may have some. I don't think goldenseal was mentioned though. It sounds like a good choice.
If I could find a lactating cat, I could get some of her milk to put in her eye. That's what I was told to do with my kids when they were infants and got eye infections and it cleared it right up. I never would have believed it.
I think I'll stick with internal cod liver oil for now.
What part of OR are you in, if you don't mind my asking. I used a holistic vet in Tigard when our cat had distemper.
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I live in the Willamette Valley- close to the base of the Cascades.

I have never heard of putting milk into infected eyes. I think if I were you, I would stick with holistic products, it has been my experience that what works for humans does not usually work for cats.
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I should mention that it has to be fresh milk, not pastuerized milk from the store. It's the properties in the raw milk that work. I wouldn't use milk from another animal, just a cat, but I don't plan on hunting up a cat for it. Her eye is looking better this morning. I expected it to be glued shut this morning, but I didn't see any sign of drainage and she came out talking a lot, like usual, with her eyes wide open. I'll still keep her appt. this morning, though, just to make sure it's ok.
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I got her in to the vet this morning and she doesn't have a scratch. her eye was looking much better this morning and has all day. Not much drainage any more and she's back to wrestling and running. The vet figured she must've bumped it or got something in it that irritated it.
I got some Euphrasia and made a tea to add to the saline solution. I asked about cod liver oil for use in her eye and she said it's a good thing to do as long as there isn't a scratch that would be sealed from air by the oil. She said it provides a soothing coating and the vitamin A aids in the healing, just as my book said. For now I'll just stick with the tea/saline mix since she has improved so much and continue giving her vitamin C and E and spirulina and maybe add some cod liver oil too.
She has such big, round eyes that just stand out on her face more than our other cat. Our other cat's eyes are recessed more and better protected when he plays with Enya or our dog.
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I am glad it wasn't a serious injury. Do you have a picture of her? I would love to see her.
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im not sure, but putting the mothers milk in the eyes might have something to do with the antibodies in the milk?
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Yes, I think it's the antibodies. It worked great when my daughter got pinkeye a couple of times when she was a baby and it's much better than antibiotice, imho. My midwife told me that trick.
Hissy, I don't have a way to post a picture of her. She's a gray tabby with a lean, long body and big ears and eyes, although she has grown into them some with age.
Enya's eye doesn't seem to be bothering her much at all this morning. I hope this is the end of health problems for a long while! After her battle with distemper, she was very healthy up until we got Blaze. I think she'll get back to being healthier now that they've gotten to know each other well.
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