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Dear TCS

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I am off for 10 days to the land of dial-up internet! I hope everyone and their respective fur-kids have a very very happy and safe holiday!!! I will miss this board! I am so glad I found it, so is Kismet, without she wouldn't be here today.......she really is my miracle kitty.

I also just want to say how much time I spend looking at all your beautiful cats!! You are an amazing bunch of people who have some really beautiful amazing kitties!!

I am anticipating taking these two trouble makers home, being no problem, however if something arises perhaps I will brave good ol dial up and have to post!!! hopefully I won't have to!! haha

I hope santa is good to you and your babies!
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Enjoy your time off

I'm off for the weekend and won't WANT any internet access
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hurry back! We'll miss you and your gorgeous kitties!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
hurry back! We'll miss you and your gorgeous kitties!

Thanks for your kind wishes and words, have a nicely time!

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We're all glad that you love it here too I hope you have a great Christmas together with your miracle kitty and of course pretty Cello. And we'll see you again very soon.
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Have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the time you can spend with your beautiful furbabies. Give Miracle Kitty a big kiss for me when you can!
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Santa says he is going to speed up your dial-up access! Happy Holidays to you and yours!
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It is a pretty incredible place, isn't it?

Glad you found us.

Have loads of fun on the holidays, hope you won't need the Internet - and, mostly importantly, enjoy, have fun, and be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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have a nice vacation!

and happy holidays...
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