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Should I be scared?

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I got these pictures of Captain Squishy a few minutes ago... the look on his face frightens me a little bit.

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Are you sure you haven't done anything naughty lately...?
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That is so cute!
It looks like Fred's "old man" face. He would do that when he seemed a little confused or when he had just ripped out a big fart.
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Very cute, Kinda freaked out looking!
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He looks like he is about to pounce something.
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Captain Squishy does not look pleased!!! Quick! get some treats to appease him!!
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haha! Looks like you're in trouble based on his expression in the first picture! The second one looks like he's going in for a smooch
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Captain Squishy is showing some muscle!
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The first pic looks like he's sending hate rays out of his eyes - the second pic looks like "That wasn't for you! I wub you!"

I don't know that you need to be scared - but SOMETHING does!

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It is official - Captain Squishy wants to rule the world.

Better get on his good side so you have a good place in the new world order
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those are great
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It looks like he's plotting something
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He's a mean one, Mr Grintch.
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That first pic is begging for an LOL cat's caption...he looks like the most adorable Bond villan of all time!
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He does look quite frightening in the first picture!
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Oh I think you should be scared... VERY scared indeed!
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Looks like he's wearing contact lenses.
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