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Eventually I would like to get another cat for Simba so he is not all uptight about living here and is not scared at every movement. I would like one that is preferrably checked for diseases and has vaccinations. One that is free Could someone help me on this.
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You are going to have a hard time finding a free cat that has vaccines etc. You should try at your local shelter usually the cats their are right around 100.00 give or take some. And they have some tests done on them and vaccines. And most important they are spayed or nuetered.
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I agree, finding a free cat usually means rescuing a stray, and there is no way to know if the cat has had his/her shots.

Your best bet is indeed a shelter cat. All the shelters I have ever encountered will only release a cat after it has had its shots, which they provide. You can always find a shelter cat that has already been fixed, as well. Shelter adoption fees can range from absurdly cheap (I tell my cat Midnight that he is the best $11 I ever spent!) to $50 and more.

A good place to start looking is on www.petfinder.com which is a listing of animals in shelters all throughout the USA. Some are in SPCA's and Humane Societies, some are in no-kill shelters, some are in foster homes.

Simba will most likely be thrilled to get a companion. I know my cats love to sleep all in a bunch, they groom each other and play together. Occasionally, there is a little bit of what I call "kitty karate", but altogether they do get along very well.
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I love "kitty karate"! My cats are black belts
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There are some cats that have been "sponsored" at shelters and so they are free to go. It means that someone in the community can't have a cat themselves so they pay the adoption fee for someone else and now that cat is free to go. Usually it is an older that has been there for awhile and needs a home. I would ask around your local shelters and find out if they have any cats that have been sponsored. That's the only way I can think of, other than what others have said, that you will be able to get a cat for free.
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