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Where is Trout...?

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I went into my room the other morning to this:


Hmmm, I think she is under there..

Her arm is almost out..

Woop, there it is..

Streeeeeetch them both out..

She was actually in my duvet cover..she stayed there so long I thought she was stuck in there! I pulled her out
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What a cutie!!
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Trout you funny girl!!!
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Awwww, warm and snugglie Troutie.
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How cute. She was all warm and toasty. Molly does the last pose. I call it the flying pose.
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Playing Picka boo!.. what a cutie pie!......
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After all, it IS Snowy, Snowy (cold) London, Right?
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What a sweetie!!
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Awww...what a snuggly sweetie pie
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Awwwwwwwww...........Troutie was nice and snuggly warm in there!
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Those are adorable pics of your cutie pie.
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She looks all toasty warm!

Abby loves to sleep like in the last picture: her legs stretched out front and her head cradled on them.
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she looks all snuggly and warm
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Trout was chilly!!
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Awwww... Trout is a cutie.
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Awww Trout Too cute Nat
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What a little snuggle bunny! She looks nice and warm under those covers!
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she's snoozin mama!
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I absolutely adore that series of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks soooooo snuggly - mean mommy, thinking she was trapped and rescuing her!

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Awww, she looks so warm and cozy.
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Oh my goodness how cute!!!!
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awwww! give her a kiss for me! she's soo cute
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Can she be any cuter? Nope, I don't think so. She's such a pretty girl!
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LOL! She looks like she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cozy!!
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Trout is so cute!!
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Awww what a snuggle-bunny!
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