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Cat had kittens outside help needed

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My cat as had her kittens outside and we all know its freezing cold i tried to follow her twice today and i believe im getting closer to were she is hiding them which is only a few doors away but will the kittens live as its so cold and if the kittens make it though and i still never find them will mum just bring them home when she is ready i'm making sure she is well fed ect and then she just wants to go straight back out.

Hope you can all help
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I'm not an expert at this and I am sure someone will be along shortly who is but please find the babies and bring them in!
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Even without the cold,its better to find the kittens asap. If they grow up without human contact they are likely to become feral (wild). You want to find them and handle them some has they grow so that they like humans. I'd think they'd probably be ok in the cold for now, mom probably found a place dry and out fo the wind and she knows how to ly with them to help keep them warm. But the sooner you get them in, the better I'm sure.
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thanks for your advice ill keep ya updating and when i find them hopfully ill post some pics if any body as any more advice please post it
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Where do you live and how cold is it?
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I tis important to find those babies and get mom and her litter inside. Don't let the momma back out again until she is spayed when the kittens are 8-12 weeks old (the kittens can be fixed then too) so that this doesn't happen again.
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I agree! Find the kitten and get them inside!! I dont know how long ago this all happened but maybe you could hear them meow while they're waiting for their mum??

I would get mum spayed after she's done nursing and probably the kittens too as thats the safest way to do it!

They do need to be socialized with humans though otherwise their wild side will take over!
Good luck and keep us posted!
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Sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that you find the babies soon At least you are feeding her so she doesn't have to be off hunting - that is helping the kittens out considerably. When I was growing up, we had tons of semi-feral as well as tame cats on our property, fortunately, if the moms were tame, the kittens tamed up when she brought them out. Bless you for looking out for them
P.S. If you can provide a warm shelter, perhaps on your porch, where your cat would feel they would be safe, she might move them there in a couple of weeks, or as soon as she feels they're old enough for the move. Just a thought.....
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Have you talked to your neighbors? When I was a kid (about 8 or 9) our cat had kittens she gave birth in a neighbors yard and they didn't know her or us well so they had no idea she had a family since her collar had no tag.

We thought she had just run off and until the neighbor asked if we wanted a kitten and we went over to see her new kittens. We ended up taking them all home together. She never wandered much after that.
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Any news yet? Sending lots of vibes that you're able to find the babies!
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Im curious too! Have you found them yet?? Are you still feeding the mommy? Has she come home again?? Keep Us Posted!!
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Christmas eve i followed her as per usual and she went in a different direction any ways cut a long story short she ended up going in my back garden which is fenced of all round so i had to jump over then i found mum and 4 kittens hiding under the deck chair which was resting on the wall of the house so was like a little tent sadly looks like one died at birth and one died either from the cold or not getting fed but the other 2 i have brought in and there doing great now mum is feeding them even will let you go to them no problem she is so friendly and must of brought them back herself to our house when i install the digital camera software ill post a pic for you all and thanks for all the support so glad i found them and managed to save 2
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Ohh, Im so sorry that 2 were lost! Im happy that two were saved though! Did it look like the second one was alive for awhile?

Anyways, Good job on finding them and getting them inside! The mom will be much happier inside with the babies and Im sure they will too!!
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Yes it looked like one had been alive a while had developed more then the one that looked like it died at birth mum is here now sat with me lol
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Oh thats so special to have her there with you! Now you dont have to worry about her out there or her lovely kittens! Have you taken pictures yet?? We wanna see!! So about how old are they? Do You know??
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Still waiting on some pictures!!!
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it's heartbreaking to hear! when i was living with my parents, Socks the cat had her litter outside, as she didn't get on with the dog! you think/hope, that the mummy cat brings them back, or you find them/or someone else does! it's awful because you always think the worst, but you can't help but think that!

i really hope you find/found the babie's!
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