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I want my money!!!

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I found out two weeks ago that I get unemloyment and I should have gotten my first payment this week. I haven't so I called them and the lady said the deputy has to go in and make sure I haven't had any income since I lost my job in June. Of course this can't be done untill next week. Then I have to go through a week waiting period and it takes five to ten business days to get the debit card. So it sounds like I won't be getting any money for another few weeks. DH and I are so broke it's not funny. We hardley have any food in the house and he doesn't get paid untill next week. Even then most of his paycheck has to go for other things. Everything was going good for awhile and now we're getting crapped on again. Man this stinks.
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I feel for the hard times you are going through. I am having them myself. My BF is out of work right now and I just don't make enough to keep our head above water. At this time of year it is especially draining.

It is even harder though when you are waiting for someone else to do something for you to get your cash.

My ex husband is on unemployment and when he first went on it it took six weeks which also meant I got no child support for six weeks. When you come depend on the money and then it is suddenly not there it can really reak havick on the finances.

Keep your chin up and I am sure we will both get through these rough times.
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I feel for you during this holiday season. Sending you good
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wishing you the best of luck and a happy good start to the new year...
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I remember back in the 1980's I had applied for unemployment insurance. I started to get the cards in the mail that I had to fill out indicating any income that I had made...which was none.

I noticed that the cards had my name on them, but the social insurance number (like your social security numbers) was wrong. I called UIC and told them, and even corrected it on the card before I mailed it back. Each week I got new cards to fill out and each week it was the same thing: right name, wrong SIN!

It took six months and much yelling on my part before I finally got any money! In the meantime I had no income and I had to go on welfare.

I found out a few years later why there was such a mix up. Seems my cousin (in-law) went on maternity leave at the same time I lost my job. She was having the same issue with her UIC cards: right name, wrong SIN! It took her 6 months to get any money too!

Unfortunately it does take time to process UIC payments. Usually 6 weeks. The fact that you waited so long has probably complicated things and that is causing the delay.

I hope you get some extra income soon.

Your situation sounds like mine was. Too little income; not enough food or money for anything else because of too many bills.

When it comes to a situation where you are running out of food and most of your income is going to pay bills, that means you have a serious problem: a very serious one.

I just declared personal bankruptcy at the end of November because I was drowning in debt and could hardly afford to feed myself, and there were times I ran out of food and lived on rice for more than a week at a time. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and I couldn't take the bill collectors calling and harrassing me and adding to my stress. I realized that I had to do something to better my situation because it was just getting worse and worse. So I filed bankruptcy.

I can't tell you what relief I felt when I made that decision. And because it's the first time I've been bankrupt, I receive an automatic discharge in 9 months, which means I will be 100% debt free. So that's the silver lining surround the dark cloud that was over my head for so long.

By the sounds of things, it might be the right answer for you and your husband as well?
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Thank's for your kind words guys. My husband and I just filed chapter seven bankruptcy Thursday. This isn't the first time we've been in a pickle.
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I feel for you. This year has been horrible for us too. (As the last fews years has) My husband filed for disability in Feb. He was denied in Aug. I have filed an appeal but have heard yet. In the mean time, they changed my hours at work (they changed all the full timers) because they didn't want to pay the extra 10% per hour. Therefore my pay was cut by about $100 per pay check. Even before that, we couldn't make ends meet. We moved to an apartment in September since out house was in foreclosure. We now have lost the house. I am waiting to see if we need to file for bankruptcy.

But things are looking up for the first time in years for us. But that is a different thread... LOL

But keep your chin up... Things will get better!
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