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Obits: "survived by pet...."

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The other day I was reading the obit for the sister of an old friend of mine.
It listed she was survived by "Her mother....brother S..and L...and her dog Buddy."

I have never seen a pet included that way, but I thought it was way cool to include *all* family members!

Anyone seen this? What do you think about it?
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What a cute idea! I hope if any of my pets are still alive when I die someone will include them.
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A friend of ours died of sudden heart failure a couple of years ago, and her husband and daughter decided to include her beloved Dachshund in the obituary. I found it quite touching. She certainly would have wanted her little "Witch" mentioned.
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What a great idea. Pets are part of the family too. I know my Limerick is like my child. When students, or anyone else for that matter, ask me how many kids I have, I tell them I have one cat and he's my baby.
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I think it's a wonderful idea.
I've seen it happen twice with people I know.
A guy I worked with was killed in a car accident and his cats were all included in his obit.

Then the Woman who lived across the street from my Sister passed away last Christmas Eve of Breast Cancer.
The loves of her life were her Son, DIL, Grandson and her Golden Retriver Autum...Autum was in the obit and in her casket was a picture of her Grandson and one of Autum.
Her death was sad enough and then with it happening on Christmas Eve it was even worse, but when I walked into the funeral home and saw Autums picture I lost it.
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actually when my great grandmother passed away last week in the little flyer and the obituary it said survived by ...fill in normal stuff here... at the end: Beloved Dog Ralph. It was really sweet to think about him.
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I have seen this and think it a great idea! Pets mourn the loss of their owner just as much as any human
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I think it is very touching. They are our kids and should be named. Of course, my pets would actually outnumber the actual living human relatives!
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I remember reading an obit a few years ago where this man was survived by his GrandRat!
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