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Toilet traning kitty?

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My cat used the toilet on his own the other evening with NO encouragement or training fro me what so ever... (I think he must have seen/smelled what I have been doing and put two/two together)

Anyways, I have been reading articles online about how a good percentage of cat owners think that toilet training a cat is inhumane and takes away from their natural instincts to dig and cover their waste...
However, my cat does neither. He goes into the box, does his business turns around, inspects it, and out he goes.
He barely touches the litter as is.

So, now that I've seen him use the toilet on his own (he was clumsy, but hey, I'm not complaining in the slightest) should I encourage it? Should I attempt to train him to use it all the time? Or is that considered being cruel to the animal?

Thanks in advance everyone!
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I don't think it's cruel, and I think it's a bit more environmentally friendly because you don't have litter building up in a landfill.
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I don't think it's cruel either.
I have a friend who trained her cat to use the toilet, the cat lived to be almost 20 years old so it sure didn't have any adverse effects on her.
She always used to say that she wished she could have taught Sadie to flush when she was done
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I thought that it might be nice to toilet train my girls, but then I thought what it would be like to come home to a toilet that had been used during the day by two cats that don't know how to flush.
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We've been doing "unnatural" things for centuries, like wearing clothes, so if your cat doesn't care, I don't see why we should.

Encourage the cat with praise and attention when he wants to use the toilet. There's resources online with tips and tricks, but it sounds like he's there already!

Besides, encouraging a cat to do something they want to do anyway; that's support.

Best of luck!
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You can try - most cats won't do it, but you might have the exception. I'm not in favor of toilet training a cat.
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