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Christmas present idea, need opinions

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Guys are the hardest to buy for! I have still not finished my Christmas shopping for Matt. He really likes to take pictures though and he has taken several really good ones of the cats. I was thinking that as part of his present, I might enlarge one of them and frame it. Do you guys think he would actually like that?

ETA: Sorry should have posted this in the lounge. If one of the mods wants to move it there, that would be great.
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There are frames that are a collage so you could include several pictures instead of just one??
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I think he'll love it! My husband loves to take pictures as well, and he likes seeing what he's done hanging in the house.

If he scoffs, just tell him you felt proud of his artistic ability and wanted to show your appreciation for his talents...that should warm him up. (But, in my opinion, he'll love it.)
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I think it is a great idea. I am sure he will be pleased to see his work displayed.
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That's good, I am glad other people think he will like it. I was kind of afraid that it seems like something I would like more then he will but since he took the picture and was really excited to show it to me. . . I hope he likes it!
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Maybe have some of the really good shots blown up to a larger size and get them profesionally matted with nice frames. The right matting on a picture really makes it pop.
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That's a great idea! Another thought might be one of those new digital photo frames - they have memory chips in them that allow you to display sort of like a screen show of digital photos. They range quite a bit in price, and you can get some of them at a fairly reasonable price.
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I like the idea of the digital photo fraes, I think its a great present for a photography enthusiast I got my husband a magazine rack for the bathroom as he always leaves the newspaper and magasines on the floor and i get fed up of walking on them LOL
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