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Your ring is gorgeous and everyone will be so happy for you so that is what matters most.
My engagement ring saga:
Hubby gave me a family ring, sapphire surrounded by diamonds. It was too big and the jeweler said if we cut it down to my size that he couldn't guarantee that it would be okay. So, I wore it with tape like a guy's ring until we were married.
We got fancy wedding bands with a few little diamonds on them. Had to have it sized down, too. Then my Mom sold us her diamond ring from her ex-husband. She wouldn't give it to us because she thought it would be bad luck since that was such a bad marriage.
I had the diamond reset in my size. I had to wear it below the wedding ring because of the way the rings looked and fit.
Then the wedding band separated in the back because it had been resized.
So, we got that same diamond set in one of those wedding engagement ring settings. I got the setting in my size. That diamond has been in 3 different settings.
I wear the original sapphire engagement ring on my pointer.
Moral of story: Make sure the ring is in your size!
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I've seen people wear it both ways, but the most common is the wedding band first, engagement ring on second. I like that idea of wearing the engagement ring on the right hand during the ceremony so you can put it back on the left hand once the band is on.

I didn't want anything flashy for a wedding band (even my engagement ring is a just a solitaire in white gold - I'm pretty simple), so I have a 3mm white gold band and Rob has a tungsten carbide band. I told him he can always buy me an anniversary band with diamonds around it in the future I'll wear that one above the engagement ring, like someone here already said. [PS: So excited to wear the wedding band too .... 1½ months! It makes my solitaire look even more sparkly!]

Btw, that ring is beautiful! I used to wear a fake ring on my left hand to keep guys away when Rob & I were dating and lived in different states, and even before then when I wasn't interested in finding someone!
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