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Yoshi is Sick and this might the end

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I was told last may Yoshi has between 6 months to a year to live. He has Kidney Stones that can not be removed and is not eating and throwing up white stuff. Te Vet is at 11 and I am afraid he wil not be coming back. He is only 5. He has at least 10 Stones in each Kidney.
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I'm so sorry
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Sending lots of vibes for Yoshi.
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I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Is your vet absolutely positive that nothing can be done? Hopefully someone here who knows more about this will read your post, and be able to give you some advice..

Sending lots of vibes for you & your furbaby.


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Lots of vibes and prayers for a miracle.
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Oh, Im so sorry!! I really hope this is not the end for your kitty!! Please keep us updated so we can keep the Prayers and Vibes coming!!
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So sorry to hear that. My cat was PTS with the same symptoms, as she couldn't keep anything down and was just wasting away slowly. I hope there's something the vet can do...
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Thanks All,
The Vet said we he has lost more weight and is 7.5 Pounds now. She felt the stones in him. How do I answer Pms? i do not know how to reply to them. My Vet is from Uc Davis.
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Why cant they remove the stones???

I was at the vet with my kitties the other day and the vet brought the stones out to show his meowmy of this one kitty who had them removed...
So I was just curious, I probably missed it in the thread or something!
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There should be a reply button at the bottom of the pm--just under the person's signature file.

Bladder stones can usually be removed, but kidney stones usually can't--the cat kidney is too delicate to do surgery or lithotripsy. Sometimes the stones will pass into the bladder, where they can be removed, and some types of stones can be desolved with a special diet (the same ones used for struvite bladder stones).
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Well in that case I sure hope kitty has the kind of stones that go into the bladder and can be removed or the ones that can be dissolved!! GOOD LUCK!!
Good for kitty, and for you!
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I'm so sorry. But hopefully he won't suffer too much. You might have to be the one to make that painful decision. No matter what, we are there for you.
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Thanks All,
The Vet said they can not be removed because its to dangerous. He has the kind that will not disolve. We have talked to Uc Davis about a Transplant but they say he can not have one.
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this is heartbreaking.

for you and your little boy.
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He will not eat or drink water now. I just tried to get hom to eat the other Cats food but he refused it too.
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you may want to syringe feed.
He will get weak very quickly without food or water.

I'm so sorry, this kind of thing is so hard.
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I am trying to get him to eat anything. I have his Mom and Yoshi was her only Kitten. I tried to force food down him with a syringe but he blocks me and gets mean.
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did your vet have any suggestions for getting him to eat?
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The Vet said to try SD and see if he eats it. I did get him to eat the other Cats food but its not good for him.
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I think at this point getting him to eat ANYTHING will be better than nothing! Im so sorry that this is not a fixable problem for little Yoshi! I hope his time with you is the best it can be and please let us know how he is doing!
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