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Wellness canned feeders

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Have any of you that feed Wellness canned foods, especially those with turkey in it, had any problems? People over at Itchmo are reporting some problems (, and I was just curious, since I feed Wellness and have had no issues.

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I've heard reports of inconsistency on some message boards. But my sister feeds it and has had no problems whatsoever. She usually calls me about cat food issues. She also feeds Wellness dry with no problems.
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Wellness is in our canned rotation, and Jack just had the turkey variety yesterday. He hasn't had any problems with it. He usually eats the turkey, turkey/salmon, and chicken/beef.
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that particular forum is filled with stuff like this .... With the massive recall from march to June I would imagine any issues would be made known quick... ie how many toys are still being recalled??
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Chase has been eating the Turkey/Salmon cans a couple times a week with no problems..
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I feed Wellness almost exclusively to Karma. She gets the Turkey, Chicken, Chicken and Beef. She is allergic to fish but seems to do okay with the chicken and lobster flavor. Salmon or any actuall fish makes her all itchy but for some reason crab, lobster and shrip don't bother her. Its odd she has the reverse of mose fish type allergies. Anyway back to the original post....

I have only had one problem with it, the consistansy and scent was off and it made me worry. I called the company and talked to them. It turned out it was because it was at the end of the batch so it did not look the best but was fine. The sent me some coupons and told me to take the can back to the store for a refund. Thats what I did. I am very pleased with them. The took care of the problem imediatly and treated me with respect. Other than that I have never had any issues.

Just be warned though, because they have blueberries in it, it sometimes looks like little pieces of metal. I have looked very closely, even taste tested the specks and discovered that the blueberries just did not blend fully. So don't freak it you see little blueish black flecks. You will be able to tell as soon as you touch them they are the skin from the berries.
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Mattie has had both Wellness pouches with turkey & cans with turkey in the last week and she's fine.
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Osmo likes the beef and chicken flavor. He's tried the turkey and isn't a big fan. He eats it too but just not too enthused. We're gong to try the chicken later this week.
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We feed our cats chicken, beef or turkey every day and have not had any issues at all. One of my cats is a puker, too, and he's been fine on this.
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I feed all the grain free Wellness cans to my two cats. They've gotten both the Turkey, and the Turkey and Salmon recently and have had no problems at all.

It does seem that cans of the same variety can vary as to their appearance and sometimes smell a little different - but nothing that's ever smelled bad or looked really off. Just today I tried a Beef and Salmon and noticed something shiny and metallic looking in it, but on second look it was just a tiny piece of Salmon skin.
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wellness dry and canned feeder here, no problems...
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I've noticed consistency differences occasionally, but no adverse affects on the kitties. They are very picky about their flavors, though. Who would think a cat wouldn't like lobster?
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I bought Stimpy a can of Wellness Chicken yesterday. Looks and smells pretty normal. He's not super excited about it though.
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