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Breeding and All About It

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I am wondering how does the breeding process work I would like to do it some day well have some cats that I may get in the future! I can't right now with simba because he is spayed or neutered whichever one is for a guy cat. Well anyways I was wondering how the process worked if there are any limits if you should have the cats you want to breed as kittens if you should own both mom and dad, or if you should breed with someone elses cat please give me as much as you people know.
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You should not breed a cat unless it is to better the breed. I see in the Breeders notice board you are looking for any cat and free. A cat you would get free would be a pet and should not be bred. It would not meet show standards or be bettering the breed in anyway. Just adding to the unwanted pet population.

Also breeding is not a way to make money. You will not make any money breeding. Breeders breed for the love of the breed and to better the breed not to make money. You would be very lucky if you made anything.
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My last vet bill will attest to that........ 658.00....
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There are many articles on the internet if you do some simple searches. First you need to find a breed and then be ready to spend about 1000.00 for a decent breeder quality cat and more for a decent male. Then be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars every month on food vets and litter. And too many other things to name here. Then when you are at your limit with funds you should attend a show to show your cats off and get their titles. That will be another couple of hundred per show.
And then the kittens will start. After feeding mom taking her to the vet and helping deliver the kittens you will have to get them shots twice before they leave at the age of 12 weeks. When you will be required to provide a health cert and possiably an id (micro chip). which means you are losing about 50 bucks per kitten to make sure it gets to the best home possiable by advertising and finding only the best people.
So overall at the end of the year you will only be out a few thousand dollars on a hobby that is full of love and heartache. because remeber no matter how hard you try kittens do die and cats do get sick.
But i am sure I left out a lot things that other people can bring up to help you.
Denise Russell
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There's some links on this page that should answer most, if not all of your questions regarding breeding.

Breeding Links

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Well, when I got a first kitty, I didn't now what will happen. And now I've got three cats! And I spend lots and lots of money to give them all the best I can! And I should mention, that one is breed, the two others are show-Cats. But I received more - their love!
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