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My camera is dead

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Oh no!!

My camera has finally died. I had a Canon Powershot A10 (yep, that was with a whole 1.3 Megapixels ) so it's way too old to be worth fixing.

But now I have no camera.
I'm thinking of getting a SLR camera, but I'm not sure yet. I've never used one so I would have to learn about how to use it. Do they really take better pictures than regular cameras? (once you know how to use it, that is)
Anyways, I'm not buying one right now. I'll just have to go without pictures for a while.
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Once you know how to use them, yes they take great pictures. It depends what you want the camera for though.

I have taken some great pictures with my BF's 3MP cheapo HP digital that came free with something he bought and some terrible ones with all the extra lenses and filters I have for my Fuji.

I haven't upgraded to the SLR yet as my camera is good for what I use it for right now.
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An SLR gives you the potential of taking better pictures and you can be more creative with your shots, but you need to learn to use the features of the camera and experiment. The regular digital cameras are very good for the majority of pictures like family get togethers, etc.
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RIP at the Camera...........

Time for Santa┬┤s gift!...
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Awww, thats not fun

I don't have an SLR, but I do have a Nikon Coolpix and its amazing! Its about $200.00 & so worth every penny!
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I recomend you go with a high end digital camera, like the canon Powershot S5IS its about $300 and has tons of functions which allows to to change settings manually like shutter speed and apature I have the S3IS (the older model and I am using it as a stepping stne to teach my self about photography, once I have the money and have a greater understanding I am going to ugrade to a canon DSLR the camera them selves arent to expensive its the extra lenses that make DSLR out of my price range, and I know once I get the DSLR I will want all the lenses

RIP 1.3mp camera
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I've just got a cute little 6.0 megapixel Vivitar, and it takes lovely pics (when I take the time to focus).
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