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Hi everyone

My girlfriend and I adopted a 4 month old kitten just a few days ago. The day after we adopted her she started sniffling a bit and sneezing every once in a while. We contacted the adoption agency and they said she had gotten over a cold before we adopted her, but their guess was the stress from all the moving that day could have caused it to flare up again.

The sniffling and sneezing isn't frequent and it certainly hasn't affected her appetite or activity level. Her eyes are fine. Her nose was a little runny when we first noticed it but has since cleared up.

We are hoping our vet can take us in this weekend before the Holiday, but if not, we may have to wait until Wednesday to get her in. But is there anything we can be doing for her until she can see the vet and get medication if needed?

Thanks in advance!
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Hmmm, Not really sure you can do anything till then except keep her well hydrated! Good food, liquids and lots of love and a vet as soon as you can!
Good luck to ya and your kitty!
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Keep her warm, and make sure she's eating and drinking. Cats rely on their sense of smell to trigger an appetite, so if her nose is bunged up and she can't smell her food, try warming up the stinkiest wet food you can find to help her to feel hungry

Hope you can get her to the vet ok, it's always best to keep an eye on these things especially with young ones, but if any nasal discharge is clear and runny then that usually indicates that it's a cold rather than a more serious infection - best to get her checked out though.
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Thanks for the replies

We have an appointment set up for Saturday afternoon

She's still very active and running around the house just about non-stop, and is eating/drinking lots. Her nose isn't runny and there isn't anything around her eyes, but she's still sniffling and sneezing every once in a while.

If it is just a cold do you think the vet will give us some medication for her or is it something that cats generally get over on their own? And are there any sorts of vitamin supplements that you guys add to your cat's diet to keep them healthy?
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I think the vitamins thing is really something that only needs to be done if they're not getting the proper nutrition... What are you feeding??
Im glad she has a vet apt! Thats always a good thing to do!
Maybe you could ask the vet then if she needs any vitamins!
I dont give mine any though... Maybe someone on here has more knowledge than I do!!
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Well actually I had been feeding her Purina Kitten Chow but after a long read I see that it's actually not considered that great of a food, so I feel pretty bad

I did find a "good food list" here on the forums so tomorrow morning I'll stop by the pet store and see what I can find.
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Dont feel bad! You're doing a wonderful job just realizing that there was something wrong!! If anything you should be giving yourself a pat on the back for actually doing the research and figuring out what you need to do and taking her to the vet!

There are alot of different threads on here telling which foods are good and which ones aren't! I myself use Nutro Natural Balance at night time and then during the day I use Natural life wet food! I was using 9 lives.... so I know the feeling!

I hope everything goes your & your kitties way!!

Good luck to ya and keep us posted!!
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You might look into L-Lysine--if the upper respiratory infection is caused by the herpes virus, the lysine can help the virus stop replicating so her body can remove it faster.
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if it's a cold they usually prescribe antibiotics, it won't work on the cold but it'll keep it from turning into a respiratory infection. So it's more of a precaution than anything.
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