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What did you get your friends/ family members for Christmas this year?

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For those of you who are passing out presents this year to your friends/family members...what did you get for each of them? I am trying to come up with one last present for my friend so i'm in need of a good idea! She asked for lotion so i might just get her that and something to go with it! Here's my list of people and what i've come up with so far:

Colin (my fiance) - a new Cold Steel cutlery set for the kitchen, red swingline stapler (like the one from Office Space), a lump of coal, and a few stocking stuffers

My mom - A new blanket to use around the house, an angel necklace (she loves angels), a pink pocket knife, and some stocking stuffers

Kimmy (my sister) - a caramel Wood Wick candle

Taylor (one of my many nieces) - a pillow with speakers on it that lets you plug your Ipod/ Mp3 player into it and listen without headphones (it's kinda cool!), some lip gloss, and some things to draw with.

Isaac (one of my many nephews)- a Transformer action figure, and Colin got him a little nerf gun thing

Cooper (one of my nephews- he ADORES penguins)- a fleecy blanket with penguins on it, a penguin cup, and Colin got him a nerf gun like Isaacs.

Jason (one of my brother-in-laws) - Colin got him a gift card from both of us

James (my cousin) - a Guitar Center gift card and i'm making lots of homemade goodies to go with it.

We have such a massive family that we don't get gifts for everyone and draw names instead. I only buy individual gifts for my sister kimmy's family as we're all really close, my mom, and colin. My cousin's name i drew so i got him something for the family exchange....the rest of my family has other people's names/etc to draw for.

I still need to get a present for my best friend - i'm thinking lotion and maybe some homemade goodies to go with it I'm SOOOO out of ideas at this point!

Anyone else wanna post their ideas/things they've already got for friends/family so i can get some ideas
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Kevin*DH*--Rockband, 1yr x-box live subscription the premium pack that came with an x-box camera and headset, and a wireless headset

Justin my little brother-100 dollars

Mom-An agner pocketbook

This was all before I lost my job...I lost my job before I could finish shopping
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ask me afterwards and i will tell you. :P
i cant say here, cause some of them sometimes checkout TCS

my dad, i got him a set of solor outdoor lighting for walkway and drive way and several jig saw puzzles to keep him busy over winter
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I got Dh work boots, a lunchbox cooler, and a suede shirt, and a bunch of stocking stuffers. I got my 16 year old, an I-pod, an I-pod clock radio, some cd's , controllers of her Wii. I got my 10 year old, a telescope, a movie, some dvd games he wanted, I got my 4 year old, my little pet shop playset, Dora dance studio, and stuffed tiger (Santa doesn't not bring real tigers) Play doh set, a movie and of course they all get stockings. the dogs got treat stockings and toys, and so did the kitties. there are some other things wrapped up but I can't remember what is in them.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
(Santa doesn't not bring real tigers)
Reminds me of the response my mom gave me when i was a little girl and i requested a giraffe from Santa I got a stuffed one I was kind of disappointed there wasn't a 19'.... 2,000lb giraffee under the Christmas tree
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lets see...

For my niece and nephew it was so hard to shop for them because every one keeps buying they have everything including clothes so I did the next best think I went shopping with my SIL

So lets start this off with my niece Emily, I got her a Hannah Montanna dress up thing (she just adores Hannah Montanna)

My Nephew Logan- He wanted some Hero action figure things and my SIL picked out which ones he didnt have

My nephew David- He is the easy one, I got him a box full of cars Hardest thing though was hiding it in the cart while he was there so he got a different car today

Now the other family!

My dad, I bought him the new Alicia Keys c.d since he has wanted it since its come out

My mom I havent gotten yet I just dont know what to get her I did get her some slipper sock things

My oldest brother I got him some Family guy underwear and pitched in on some sunglasses he wanted that Horatio wears on C.S.I Miami (hes hard to shop for because he loves the Pittsburgh Pirates but you cant find anything around Christmas, hey though my SIL picked out his gift )

And my SIL picked out some slipper sock things or herself (I made her pick something out for Christmas )

And my other Brother I got him a Pitt shirt!

And my gram E I am on the hunt for Citrine earings or and necklace

Thats about as far as I got so far
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Lets see, i drew my brothers name so i got him a fishing pole set and a wrangler shirt. Roman got my moms name so we got her a fuzzy bathrobe, pajama set with eeyore and two bandanas with owls because she loves owls. And i got my sister a fiber optic angel because this is the first year she and her hubby have been seperated and i know its gonna be extra hard on her. I got my nephew a rocket rod fishing pole for his birthday(christmas eve). for christmas i got him his own tackle box with some tackle and extra shots for his rocket rod. I got roman a xbox game, its something about these little foul mouth squirrels dressed as army men that kill everything in sight and say every four letter word known to mankind and squirrell-kind??. VERY GREUSOME game. but its what he wanted.
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Parents: sheets (super awesome flannel ones, they have a cold bedroom) a calendar and a candle holder with candles

Step-brothers: candy, they dont recipricated, so I dont spend a lot

Step-sisters: amazon gift card and tea thingy

Nice: dress up things including a cheerleader outfit

Older Nephew: Transformer toys

Younger Nephew: play tools (gave him the tool bench for his birthday last month)

SIL: gift card to Red Lobster

Other SIL: gift card to walmart

In-laws: weather station

FIL: gift card

Dad: sports watch

Grandparents: photobooks

Friend: fuzzy blanket

Other friend: chocolate lover set

Other friend: Eeyore t-shirt and some sculptures frome Endless Whimsy (Renovia's shop, they were GORGEOUS!!!)

Anything else I forget right now. And I'm not posting any more of DH's things because he is getting way too antsy!!! He might get nosy!
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Okay, taking a deep breath:
Mom and step-dad: dvd's on washington history (of ghosts towns/eastern wa) and a chihuliy<----mispelled I am sure dvd, a gift basket of blueberry goodies (syrup, jam etc. from a WA state grower

My step-niece who just began college and is now living in between semesters and during the Summer with her grandparents (my Mom and step-dad): a peridot and sterling silver flower bead bracelet

My step-uncle - my step-dad's only brother: a selection of greek cheeses from I-gourmet

My mil and fil: ellis island displays - framed shows the manifest and photo of the boat for both of their grandfathers when they immigrated to the US (from Sweden, and one from Slovakia), and a selection of dried sweet and dried tart cherries.

Two of my bil and sil got a See's chocolate assortment
One bil and sil got a "very berry" gift basket, our youngest neice, their daughter, we gave a Gund's Dress Me Girl doll (she's not quite 2)

My bil who is about to deploy again to Irag, we got a Leatherman and an addon Leatherman kit with extra tools.
For our nephew, his son, we got a set of soft tools (he's only 2) - so when y he can help "work" around the house (new house, lots to do with it)

For my single bil, a gift selection of Usingers sausages.

For our oldest neice - a purple cord and sterling silver bracelet with a butterfly and heart charm (last I knew, she loved purple and butterflies and she's in school so I think bracelets should go over well...I hope)

My one friend I exchange with - a Big Sky Cativity set, matching mug/magnet/magnetic notepad with the logo of the 2006 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, a small carved stone cat, a Laurel Burch silk scarf, a Jody Bergsma matted print "Dance Your Own Dance" (she used to be a dance instructor)

for DH: Nikon D80 digital slr, new shirts, Mythbusters, Alton Brown, Dirty Jobs dvds, dvd of the adventures of philip marlowe, Arrogant Worms and Evanescence cds, two books - silence on the wire and 123 robotics experiments for the evil genius, a "do or do not" teeshirt, a geeky "head" tag hat, mini sock monkey, a plush cthulhu, 2 flavors of coffee from Paula's Dean's husbands new coffee business.

and in memory of my dad and gram I'll be buying something from the World Vision catalog where you can buy 10 fruits trees, a cow or portion of, or a flock of chickens, part of a new yurt etc...I love that I know exactly what project the money will go to, and the kind of impact it may have, in their honor. My dad was a Social Worker and my gram was very religious and into donating to whatever cause her tiny church was involved in.
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MOM- some comfortable slippers, sister- perfume, brother-cologne, SIL-two books, niece-money.
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I cheated this year And got almost everyone GIFT CARDS!! Lets see, my brother got a Wal Mart one, my sister gets a gift card to one of *our* favorite craft stores, my BIL gets one to Sears and my maw gets one to a local hair salon, to use on what ever she chooses

Now, the kids.......the boys got a PSP(already gave it to them) lol....they are getting a movie to go with it and a shirt and some stocking stuffers. My daughter is getting a Dora talking kitchen(from santa) And a vacum(pretend) set, and some clothes and a learning lap top and of course lots of stocking stuffers

DH and I dont really buy for each other, we just usually pick out something and get it.
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Lets see here...

Mom from me, my 2 brothers & dad - new digital camera, memory card, camera case, 4 new shirts, 1 fleece pullover, an 8x10 of one of the photos I took of my cousins for my aunt, her favorite perfume, a bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles, and new Victorias Secret jammies, her favorite.

Dad from me, my 2 brothers & mom- new tree stand for hunting, 5 new shirts, and electric knife, a new clock for his garage & a gift card to Cabellas hunting store.

My one aunt (the only aunt I do this for ) - 8x10 photo of her 3 boys I took for her, a collage of the rest of the photos that I loved, a photo album that holds the rest, a bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles, Victorias Secret mints & perfume & a Bare Essentials lip gloss that she adores.

My one uncle (again, the only uncle I do this for ) - Department 56 pieces to go with the set I've started him on - The Christmas Story, a bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles.

- As you can see, everyone loves Lindt Truffles -


Grandma - 8x10 photo of the pics I took of my cousins, along with a collage frame of them

Grandpa - A book about Minnesota - it has our hometown in it as well as where I live, different travel destinations since they love to travel, its really awesome!

1 brother (we exchange names) - Gift card to WalMart

John - PSP & 3 games

Best friend - Coco Chanel Mademosille perfume, 1 Yankee Candle & 5 candle holders to put votives in as a set, a Bath & Body Works wallflowers & replacement, Lindt Truffles

1 cousin ( the 10 of us exchange names) - Gift card to Hollister & Puppy Chow from Macy's, that stuff is SO good!

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Mom bought me my present back in October, a new pair of SAS shoes. She is getting a new massaging neck roll and a plush throw.

Great nieces and nephews (10, 13, 13, 14, and 15) are getting cash! And maybe a hematite necklace.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
and in memory of my dad and gram I'll be buying something from the World Vision catalog where you can buy 10 fruits trees, a cow or portion of, or a flock of chickens, part of a new yurt etc...I love that I know exactly what project the money will go to, and the kind of impact it may have, in their honor. My dad was a Social Worker and my gram was very religious and into donating to whatever cause her tiny church was involved in.
Wow, thats great!
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Ummm I buy for over 30 peeps so all I can say is I bought a lot I'd be here all day listing everything
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I bought a lot of stuff. Normally I don't buy for all the kids, but I did this year.

These are all my cousins kids.

Joshua- 3D snakes and ladders game, Hot wheels car
Aaron-Play-doh set, Hot wheels car
Cameron-Simpsons operation game, Hot wheels car
Dylan- $20 West 49 gift card
Jackson-Play-doh set, Hot wheels car
Emerson-Simpsons operation game, Hot wheels car

Aunt Carol-Candle holders and 3 candles to go with it
My Grandma- heart shaped pin, which is currently lost in the mail.
My other Grandma-flower pin
Dogs-Rawhide bones
Denise (my sister)-Chicken soup for the American Idol soul book, playstation 2 singstar pack
Ethan (my friends son)-Cars floor puzzle
Lucas (my friends other son)-Pajamas
Mom-Baileys gift set, Baileys flavoured hot chocolate gift set, Pajamas, a coconut bath set
Uncle Bill-Airplane book, Tim Hortons card for $10 (our limit is $50, and that is for him and my Aunt Carol)
Mikes Mom- Perfume, pajamas...That doesn't sound like much but the perfume was $80.
Mikes dad-Wallet, 2 wrenches, a gas pump (for a gas can so you don't have to pick it up and pour it)
Grandpa-Sugar free cookies
Mikes Grandparents -Cookie tin, Licorice all sorts, $20 for Wal Mart
Mikes other grandparents- $25 for Swiss Chalet, Pot of Gold all nuts chocolates
Cats-a new bed
Mike (my boyfriend)-James Bond dvd's (Volume 1), Tommy Boy dvd, hair gel, deodorant, white chocolate toblerone, 16-pack of ferrero rocher, cashews, Willocrisp chocolates, a crunchie chocolate bar, chocolate coins, lifesavers, 4-pack orange tic-tacs, shaving cream, soap, new stocking, 2 magazines, socks (I finally found some for size 14 feet) and a shaving set (with razor blades and a razor for the price of just the blades). Almost all of that goes into a stocking. I was going to buy him all 4 volumes of the James Bond dvd's but they are $40 each and he really doesn't need all 4 right now (because then he is going to make me watch them) Then I was just going to get volume 1 and 2 but I decided to make him a stocking instead. He will probably buy Volumes 2-4 with the money he gets from his grandparents.
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Me, my 2 brothers, my parents and my SIL do a gift exchange (draw one name out of a hat, so we each buy one gift instead of 5). I drew my older brother's name.

What I bought:

My older brother: extension packs for his "Killer Bunnies" card games
My niece: a cute book
My nephew: I wrote him a letter inviting him to spend a day with me (I'm sure he'll like that better than having another little toy to add to the mountain he already has)

My brothers, SIL, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins' boyfriends / girlfriends / children, grandparents... each get a $5 gift card for where they get to give that amount to any charity they want.
With the exception of those who don't have an internet connection, they get a card saying that I gave money for them to Doctors Without Borders.

I'm really trying to cut back as much as possible on the commercial side of Christmas while keeping the spirit of giving.
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WAY, WAY too much!
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Boyfriend - PS3, Pirates 2 on Blu Ray, New Sublime shirt (he has all of them, it's a chore to find one he doesnt have), Sublime zip up hoodie, Harry Potter 1-5 special pack on blu ray, dalmation webkinz .. But he's getting 3 on Christmas and 3 on the weekend at his parents house
Mom - Keith Urban and Garth Brooks Greatest Hits, Reba McEntire "Duets", and her 2007 ornament
Dad - Deadwood Season 3
Brother - Moe's (restaurant) giftcard
Grandmother - Digital Pic Frame
Grandmother and Grandfather - DVD player
Mackenzi, Cousin (She's 7 and the world to me) - Went halfsies on a kid digital camera with my mom and a Nintendo DS Lite case accessory pack (her mother got her one for Christmas)
Brianna, Cousin (Sister to one above, almost a year) Two cute outfits, and a toy

Most of the stuff for my parents and grandparents were split between either my brother and me, or my parents and brother and me
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Mom bought me my present back in October, a new pair of SAS shoes.
SAS shoes are my the most comfortable shoes ever!!!!!! I have a pair now that i wear to work- it's got holes in the side and they're falling apart- i've worn them SOOOO much. Since i had foot surgery a few yrs. back SAS shoes are the only kinds i can wear that don't absolutely kill my feet. Not the most glamarous things ever- but omg i LOVE them because they're sooooo comfy! I'm saving up to buy myself a new pair for work after Christmas I hope you enjoy yours!!!
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Mom - new fleece shirts from L.L. Bean
Dad - St. Ephraim the Syrian's Spiritual Psalter ; my siblings and I also went in together on a gift basket full of fireworks
Stephen (lil bro) - flannel shirt from L.L. Bean, new book from his favorite-guitarist-of-all-time, Joe Bonamassa, and a rock star rubber duckey.
Hannah (lil sis) - custom designed wire art in the shape of her name, an autographed photo of My Chemical Romance, and a $50 gift card to Hot Topic.
Cats - Yeowww! catnip toys
Rex the rabbit - tissue paper (seriously, it's his FAVORITE thing to play with )
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Tristan - Book of wit and wisdom - Terry Pratchett. Monty Python & ACDC boxers.

Gemma (his sis) - Spiral ceramic bowl. Various art/craft glass beads

His mum - Carved soapstone jewellery box (with lotus flower shape mother of pearl inlay)

Mum - Expensive organic hair conditioner (she's had trouble finding something that isn't heavy on her fine hair and that will build it up) and goats milk soap

Grandma - Tea/jam/shortbread hamper

Not too much money to spend this xmas, but everyone else is the same so they understand.
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Since we are in the home building process this winter, we had to cut our Xmas present budget.

Rob - $100 gift card to Sears, and I got a $5 reward card with it so I stuck it in the card also.

Mom - $25 to Longhorn (she eats lunches there often because she works down the street)

Dad - $25 to Red Lobster (loves going there and hasn't been in awhile)

Brother - $20 to Burger King (he would eat it everyday if he could...)

Rob's Mom and Dad - $50 to Applebees ($25/each)

Rob's Brother - $20 to Papa Johns

(You can see we utilized Wal*Marts gift card kiosk thingy...)

I know that Rob bought me a Slanket ( because he accidentally opened his email while I was on his lap, and his order confirmation was there. I'm ALWAYS cold and LOVE to be snugged up in a blanket, so it's perfect Dunno what color it is though, and I wont get it until after Xmas because they are backordered. I know he got me something else too, but he hasn't given any hints.
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Ya!!! I'm finished with my shopping!!!! I stopped by the store on the way home from work and got the last of my shopping done.

I wound up getting my best friend several different lotions (what she wanted), a yummy honey body scrub, a soft pillow to lay one while she's studying /reading, a drink warmer for her coffee cups, some delish scented soaps, and some raspberry chocolate treats and some coconut almond candies

I also got a few stocking stuffer's for my mom while i was out. I'm officially done with my shopping for the year Ya!!! Now i just have to wrap everything
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I always say I'm going to cut back. But then I always over do. And with my granddaughter and it being her first Xmas and my first grandchild. I don't dare say! Way too much as usuall..
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