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Dixie has been scratching like crazy the last couple days, i dont see any fleas on her, and i gave her a bath using the shampoo they sent for her. anyone have any suggestions? I feel bad for the poor girl.
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Dixie is a dog, right? She may just have dry skin, especially with the cold snap you guys got. What kind of shampoo did you use? I normally use baby shampoo. What breed is Dixie? I would call the vet to see if he has any recommendations. Our pug has VERY dry skin right now and scratching and chewing like crazy and it's because of her short hair, the cold, and the air in our house is so dry. We've started using an humidifier. If that's the problem, and you don't have an humidifier letting water simmer on your stove helps too with the moisture inside.
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Dixie is a mini aussie, the shampoo i used is Groomax gentle puppy shampoo with vitimine E and jojoba oil.
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