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Vibes for crittermom needed

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Tammy just contacted me about Seth. She is on standby for the hospital. He feels like he wants to throw-up and is very lethargic. She is taking him for chest x-rays tomorrow and then to the doctor's. Could you please send them your TCS Vibes and keep them in your prayers?

Here is the thread from last April "He had Pleural Effusion an Emponimia(sp) and pnemonia.He had an hour long surgury to peel the infection off his lung.He ended up with 2 chest tubes to drain out the infection and all."

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I will definately be praying for them!!
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OMG not again Many prayers and vibes for Seth
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Sending my thoughts and prayers to them
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Sending lots of vibes their way!
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Poor baby! He's had such a rough year, as Tammy and her family have had too! My prayers are with them!
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oh gosh, the poor guy, lots of vibes for him to be okay!
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Oh no...that poor little buy. Prayers & vibes for Tammy & Seth...
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i hope Seth is felling better sone
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That poor family. I sure hope the new year is a better one for them.

More good vibes & blessing are headed their way.

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Poor little Seth... there's just nothing sadder than a child in pain. Many healing thoughts for him from our whole household...
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Oh, dear. Nothing but positive vibes and good wishes!

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not again! poor little angel! aww my prayers are with them right now...it's really been a hard year for them- i pray things start to get better soon!?
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Adding more vibes for Seth
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Yup, me too. Sending loads of vibes - what they haven't been through this year!


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Loads and loads of vibes for Seth and the whole family.
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what a bad new...
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for her boy and she too!
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Oh no!!! Tammy!! And poor Seth.....
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Any updates??
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Any updates??
Nothing yet. She said she would send me a message when she gets back home today.
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Lots of positive vibes going their way
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lots of vibes for Seth and his Mom
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Tammy said they had a rough night. They are still at the hospital getting xrays done.
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Oh man they sure have had some time with Seth this year. Hoping he feels better soon.
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Oh my goodness!!!

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Oh, poor Seth! that he gets better! And big hugs for Tammy!
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Poor Seth! Lots of vibes for the little darling!
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Continuing vibes for Seth
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That poor child! Hasn't he been through enough already! Sending lots of and prayers for him and his family.
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Of course I am sending all my prayers and love Seth's way
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