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Anyone else afraid to open eyes in morning?

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So my kitten Eek has this cute little thing that isn't so cute that he does in the morning.

He waits on our chests or somewhere around there I would presume and the second you pop your eyes open WHAM!!!! He attacks your just for the first time today opening eyes, and decides they're toys and pretty much just claws your eyes out.... YEA. IT HURTS!!! So my eyeballs are all scratched up and he got my daughter the other day right along with my hubby... Whoopsy!
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Definately. When Spunky was a few weeks old he wanted to find out what an eyeball was with my mom. It felt like a million bees stinging her. She still has some issues 7 years later. I have learned to keep my eyes shut around him if we are face to face.
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Yikes no. Blossom used to wake me up by staring into my face until I felt her there & opened my eyes.
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With mine opening the eyes is the biggest mistake! You pop your eyes open and you have a cat full force into your skull! Its kinda cute in a physco kitty kinda way...
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*raises hand*

Chynna lays on the pillow next to me with her face about 1 inch from mine, and stares at me. As soon as she sees my eyes open she starts to head butt me and lick my nose and paw at my face if I try to turn my head away. It's kind of hard to go back to sleep with all that going on!

If I keep my eyes shut and ignore her, she will settle and go to sleep too.
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Leeloo did something like that once when she was very young. it was one of the first days I had her actually and she was curled up sleeping right against my neck she was so tiny then that she fit there, and so when I woke up she got all excited and I thought it was so cute when she put her face right up to mine. not so cute a moment later when she poked me right in the eyeball!
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Aha! So my cats not a lunatic!!
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Wow! I guess you can just protect your face with your arm when you open your eyes, though. Tiny only licks my eyelids...
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No Eek actually scratches but I think he's just being playful and doesn't realize it hurts!! He still climbs up legs and stuff to without thinking that hurts you at all too... When I wake Up I dont even think about it I just open my eyes and there he is!! LOL Its all good though because he's still so small that you gotta think its cute! LOL
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He starting doing it to the kids now! NOT SO CUTE ANYMORE!!
Its hard to remember to block your eyes when you open them in the morning and I have found a solution for me, but not the kids! I have an eye mask that I put on at night so he can't see them open or blinking while in REM sleep!
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Sometimes I forget to set my cell phone alarm up correctly, either to ring loud enough or to take it off vibrate (time never changes). I have learned that if I wake up because I feel someone staring at me, it is Daphne and she's trying to tell that my alarm is going off She just stares, doesn't touch. When I jump up, she runs to the desk, trying to tell me to shut that thing off

I've also learned that if I wake this way, I am sooooo late for work!
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Bella likes to sit on my chest and get her cat food breath in my nose. Once the alarm goes off, it's time for sitting on my shoulder, purring and putting her (very soft) butt in my face.

I remember as a child being told never to put my face right up to a kitten because they think your eyes are very shiny toys...hope your little guy grows out of it.
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Yeah, me too!! It would be okay if he just did it to my husband.... LOL
Not the kids though!! They're just lil wee ones that dont know to protect themselves when they wake up!
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